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Complex Event Processing School

In this lesson, get introduced to CEP Technology, learn how combining it with SOA offers numerous business benefits, and what architects need to consider when considering a CEP solution.

Complex event processing (CEP) has the ability to transform a business by providing near real-time analysis of what is happening in a company which allows it to respond quickly to opportunities and threats. Combine CEP with a service-oriented architecture (SOA) and you are creating the truly agile enterprise. In this lesson, get introduced to CEP Technology, learn how combining it with SOA offers numerous business benefits, and what architects need to consider when considering a CEP solution.

E-Guide: Complex Event Processing (CEP)

CEP helps align system processes with business processes by interpreting incoming business events and simplifying them into new messages for consumption elsewhere in the SOA, thereby reducing the volume of work to be handled upstream. In turn, having a SOA in place allows the advantages gained from implementing CEP in one area of an organization to be more easily implemented across multiple business domains.

Read this E-Guide and learn how Complex Event Processing (CEP) can be leveraged with SOA to become an implementation choice and source of business-oriented services within an SOA.

Webcast: Complex event processing and service-oriented architecture

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) and complex event processing (CEP) are both important developments in the evolution of IT. SOA’s influence on the design and delivery of business solutions continues to flourish, as does the adoption of CEP in tackling a growing range of business problems. Leveraging CEP within the context of SOA offers numerous benefits. Independent consultant Larry Fulton will present the potential roles of both general and complex event processing within your SOA initiative, and how these two approaches can be applied in a complementary fashion to meet a variety of business objectives. View the webcast.

Podcast: Understanding complex event processing software

Complex event processing (CEP) software is designed to help organizations monitor and act on key business events in near real time by detecting patterns and relationships in data from multiple databases and other information sources. In this podcast with Forrester Research analyst James Kobielus, listeners will get an overview of CEP software and find out how organizations are deploying and using the technology. Kobielus also provides expert advice on what you need to know before you purchase and install CEP software, including tips for managing a CEP project. Listen to the podcast.

Complex Event Processing (CEP) with SOA creates business benefits

Complex Event Processing can interpret communications within a software system as meaningful business events. With SOA, it becomes an implementation choice and source of services.

For complex event processing, use 'just enough' rocket

For a successful implementation of complex events processing, CEP architects need to correctly gauge complexity of event and speed of update.

This was last published in January 2011

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