Microservices and data integration

Your applications and services depend on access to data. And as data volumes and the number of sources increase, integration becomes more of a challenge. Find content that will help you learn more about the challenges that accompany microservices and data integration and how to overcome them.

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  • microservices

    Microservices, or microservice architecture, is an approach to application development in which a large application is built as a suite of modular components or services. Continue Reading

  • EAI (enterprise application integration)

    Enterprise application integration (EAI) is the task of uniting the databases and workflows associated with business applications to ensure that the business uses the information consistently and that changes to core business data made by one ... Continue Reading

  • applet

    An applet (little application) is a small software program that supports a larger application program. In the past, the term applet was often associated with the Java programming language. Continue Reading

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