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Quick Takes: RealNames announces keyword registration Web service

In Quick Takes, RealNames announces a way to ease Internet navigation using Web services, Penton Media announced details on its Nextware XML and Web services conference and PolarLake announces an enterprise Web services platform.

RealNames announces keyword registration Web service

RealNames Corp. of Redwood City, Calif. has announced the availability of its Keywords Registration Service as a XML Web service. Keywords are modern Web addresses that complement the Domain Name System (DNS), making Internet naming and navigation easier.

RealNames' Registration Service application programming interface, or approximately 35 interface calls, will be available as a XML Web service to the more than 50 RealNames registries and registrars, who can deploy it to sell and manage keywords on their Web sites. It was developed using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.

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Dokoni launches visitor access management platform

Dokoni, Inc., a provider of Web development and management tools based in San Diego, Calif., has launched the Deka rules-based Web development platform for managing both browser detection and site access control.

Deka's centralized, rules-based access control engine lets developers set browser-aware site access control policies and drive Deka's browser detection capabilities. Developers and site owners can instruct a Web server what specific content to deliver to any particular Web-enabled device, thereby optimizing a user's experience while broadening customer reach.

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Nextware XML and Web services program announced

Penton Media has released the program information for its Nextware Spring 2002 conference, which will take place May 20-23 at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Md.

The conference will focus on XML and Web services with five tracks of content for developers and two tracks for decision-makers. The technical program covers core XML, e-business, enterprise application integration, database integration, SOAP and Web services technologies, ebXML, UDDI, market issues and early-adopter experiences.

Participants will include members of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the co-designer of the XML Query Language, the editor of the SQL standard, and architects of the UDDI specifications. Other companies represented at the event will include IBM, Microsoft, Sun, Oracle, Hewlett-Packard, BEA, Cape Clear, EDS, IONA, Progress Software, and XML Global.

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PolarLake announces enterprise Web services platform

PolarLake, based in Dublin, Ireland, has released its PolarLake Web Services Express (WSE), a Web services platform based on the PolarLake XML development and deployment platform.

PolarLake WSE uses the PolarLake XML server to create and deploy Web service providers from EJB, COM and Java applications without the need for code changes, generated code or scripts. It also includes the company's Web Services Wizard graphical tool for generating WSDL, and the PolarLake SOAP Integration Server, which automatically converts between SOAP messages and EJB, Java or COM calls. PolarLake has also announced a deployment-only pricing model aimed at encouraging the uptake of Web services within the Java and EJB community.

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