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BEA users draw up their own roadmap for Oracle

BEA users respond to's survey and give their perspectives on Oracle's plans for the products they rely on.

   Oracle details SOA, Java roadmap with BEA
   BEA gives Oracle new Java platform, Eclipse tools
   BEA users draw up their own roadmap for Oracle

As a poll conducted last week indicates, BEA users tend to be skeptical of Oracle's plans for the...

products they rely on.

It's very difficult for BEA users to migrate their existing applications running on BEA, but they can be convinced.
Gopal D. Kalsekar
senior software developerBusiness Solutions (eGroup)

Some of those who responded to the poll were asked in a follow-up what Oracle needs to do to make the integration of the acquisition successful from BEA user perspective.

"For Oracle to retain BEA users," responded BEA user Keerthi Kethan, "they need to retain the existing BEA Platform products and provide their support and funding to further innovate and improve the products; period!"

Kethan, who has worked with both BEA and Oracle J2EE products, added: "BEA products are far superior and stable compared to Oracle products and many others in the industry. Therefore its only logical to market and build over the existing highly competent product that they have acquired than to try and bring their in-house Oracle J2EE product to the level that BEA products already are."

Oracle needs to move quickly to make the most of the BEA acquisition, Kethan suggested, warning that otherwise IBM and Sun Microsystems Inc. may move in and take over the leadership position.

J.C. Kent, a user of the BEA Kodo persistence engine, complained that his e-mails have been ignored since the acquisition and suggested that it would be helpful for Oracle to "show the slightest bit of interest."

Koteswararao Agastyaraju, another BEA user, offered a multipoint plan for Oracle to retain BEA users:

  • Continue the BEA products portfolio as it is for another couple of years.
  • Don't try to change the documentation except for company logo, reason being BEA documentation is better than Oracle's.
  • Slowly replace Oracle application server which was in-built in Oracle products with BEA. So that BEA WebLogic landscape will grab more clientele.
  • While delivering Oracle database try to bundle it with BEA WebLogic server.

Gopal D. Kalsekar, senior software developer, Business Solutions (eGroup), M.H. Alshaya Company W.L.L., sees a difficult, but possible way for Oracle to retire the BEA brand.

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Oracle details SOA, Java roadmap with BEA 

Oracle details SOA, Java roadmap with BEA

"It's very difficult for BEA users to migrate their existing applications running on BEA products," Kalsekar said, "but they can be convinced." He suggested BEA users can be persuaded to move from the BEA application servers to the Oracle applications servers, and from BEA Aqualogic with Oracle's BPEL process manager.

However, voicing the skepticism about Oracle that was typical of poll respondents, BEA users Luca Masini said BEA users do not want Oracle products, and suggested that Oracle needs to maintain BEA "as a separate company."

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Oracle details SOA, Java roadmap with BEA
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BEA gives Oracle new Java platform, Eclipse tools
Oracle will take advantage of BEA's market leadership and adopt the BEA technology, now including complementary features from the Oracle application server.

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