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Service Integrity SIFTs through SOA data

The latest version of Service Integrity's SIFT monitoring and analysis software keeps a handle on business data flowing through a service-oriented architecture.

Service Integrity Inc. of Newton, Mass., today announced the availability of an upgrade to its flagship SIFT software...

which monitors and analyzes the operational and business data flowing through a service-oriented architecture.


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SIFT 3.0 adds the ability to access real-time information on data flowing through an SOA. Users also get SIFT Custom Vue, a Web-based interface that gives managers a look at customized business information. A new SIFT software development kit (SDK) is also available, which simplifies the integration of real-time data into dashboards, portals and other presentation layers, Service Integrity said in a release.

Version 3.0 also brings some visibility into business processes with a new tracking view that connects composite applications created in a SOA to the business processes they support. Business managers can then have an understanding of what's happening in a SOA from the perspective of a core business process.

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