Service orchestration

  • October 29, 2008 29 Oct'08

    On lightweight Java frameworks and service-oriented architecture

    Narrower, focused development approaches such as the Spring framework arise as alternatives to full-fledged J2EE. Spring forgoes EJB, employs a Model View Controller and separates the component model from the distribution method.

  • October 28, 2008 28 Oct'08

    Domain bridging, skills of abstraction define the software architect

    Conceptual integrity, product line thinking, conversance in varied domains, goal orientation and an eye for the essentials – these are some of the skills that mark a true software architect.

  • October 06, 2008 06 Oct'08

    Microsoft modeling strategy: Work in progress

    After several years pursuing a modeling tool strategy focused on Domain Specific Languages (DSLs), Microsoft is broadening its approach to include more UML-related modeling tools. How these tools will work under the umbrella of the company's ...

  • October 02, 2008 02 Oct'08

    The Ajax Experience 1: Google Chrome shakes up the browser firmament

    Responsiveness of Ajax apps can only improve as browsers get faster. Google's shiny new Chrome browser is just one of several in a very active browser segment. The ins and outs of that JavaScript infused segment were on display at The Ajax ...

  • September 25, 2008 25 Sep'08

    SOA runtime governance pacts for Parasoft, AmberPoint and Software AG, Progress

    SOA runtime governance tools vendors were part of some recent technology deals. Parasoft and AmberPoint announced special integration between their respective SOA quality and runtime governance tools, while SoftwareAG's webMethods Insight product ...

  • September 18, 2008 18 Sep'08

    Habits of the successful software architect

    Individual team members fill-in various gaps to make a winning SOA team, said MomentumSI's Jeff Schneider. If you are charged with hiring you should focus on overall ability to learn, and not just familiarity with SOA. Oh, and some experiences with...

  • September 18, 2008 18 Sep'08

    SOA Skills: Hiring trends for SAP jobs - NetWeaver talent emphasized

    With the growing demand for service-oriented architects, businesses have come to acknowledge that certain qualifications are resume boosters, specifically SAP NetWeaver skills.

  • September 18, 2008 18 Sep'08

    SOA Skills: Enterprise architects in demand, job researcher finds

    There is a growing demand for service-oriented architecture professionals and a broadening of the definition of the SOA skill set.

  • September 10, 2008 10 Sep'08

    Visual orchestration tool addresses event processing and SOA

    A tool for enterprise architects, business analysts and Java developers includes an integrated engine for complex-event processing. Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN), Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) and WS-Human Task standards are...

  • September 03, 2008 03 Sep'08

    Oracle buys performance specialist ClearApp

    For ClearApp, maker of the QuickVision model-driven performance engine, the purchase means a powerful channel for innovative products. For Oracle it means another enhancement to its Web-and transaction-oriented management offering.

  • August 20, 2008 20 Aug'08

    A view on building essential SOA skills

    Jim Green, CEO of Composite Software, discusses how to go about making sure that the needs of a business and the implementation of a SOA align for the best interest of the business.

  • August 06, 2008 06 Aug'08

    REST architecture integrates data services to SaaS

    REST makes data services accessible to non-technical business users working with Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, start-up SnapLogic CEO says. What is the secret goo? It is the basic REST commands of GET, PUT, DELETE and POST.

  • August 04, 2008 04 Aug'08

    Business-side often drives BPM initiatives today

    Business Process Management is often posed as the killer app for SOA. At least one analyst suggests combining SOA and BPM is not as simple as vendors would have their customers believe.

  • July 31, 2008 31 Jul'08

    SOA summer vacation checklist

    Before heading out on vacation, here are some suggestions for those responsible for SOA systems to help make things run smoothly while you are on holiday.

  • July 29, 2008 29 Jul'08

    IBM rules SOA/BPM with ILOG buy – analysts

    SOA needs business rules management system technology for its business process management focus, which is why IBM's acquisition of ILOG is important, analysts say.