Service orchestration

  • December 19, 2002 19 Dec'02

    Opinion: Less hype, more consolidation coming in 2003 Site Editor Brent Sheets offers his thoughts on what to expect from the Web services industry in 2003.

  • December 19, 2002 19 Dec'02

    Sun-BEA deal reflects Sun's new software focus, shows BEA hedging its bets

    Sun has chosen to park BEA's 'Rolls Royce' WebLogic application server alongside its 'Toyota truck' Sun ONE software. In doing so, it hopes customers will be able to get what they want while still running it all on Solaris, but will it work? The451 ...

  • December 10, 2002 10 Dec'02

    Web services identity management sector ripe for consolidation

    User management has always been an issue for organizations, but Web services throws up new security and management issues that major players are now looking to address through partnerships and acquisitions. The451 has the scoop on which smaller ...

  • November 27, 2002 27 Nov'02

    Successful Web services require standards and strategy

    Sticking to standards is important when developing best practices for Web services, but experts at Comdex Fall 2002 said it is just as important to plan how a Web service will integrate with other technologies and whether it will replace or augment ...

  • November 13, 2002 13 Nov'02

    Dinosaurs battle in tar pits

    It was Fred Brooks that gave us that vivid image of the mortal struggles of great beasts of prehistory in the tar pits. Today the struggle continues, it's just there are different beasts, and the criteria for the survival of the fittest is ...

  • November 04, 2002 04 Nov'02

    CA opens its door to Web services

    Computer Associates isn't trying to be all things to all people when it comes to Web services, but it does believe it has an edge in making Web services "accessible to humans" with portals and legacy-to-Web development tools. One of CA's top ...

  • October 31, 2002 31 Oct'02

    Vignette shines content management guiding light

    Vignette sought to extend its lead in the content management space with the unexpected acquisition of portal vendor Epicentric. It's said that the buy-out will cost Vignette around $32 million in cash and stock but it's a wise move that should pay ...

  • October 24, 2002 24 Oct'02

    Meta panel touts Web service wars, but no shots fired

    Though Meta Group promised fireworks this week when it brought together representatives from major Web services platform vendors, including Microsoft and Sun, they all cordially agreed that business leaders must play a major role in their companies'...

  • October 16, 2002 16 Oct'02

    Oracle pushes for common Web services choreography

    One of Oracle's top Web services gurus says that getting a choreography standard in place will be critical to the evolution of Web services. Oracle's director of Web services standards believes a common choreography will be key for advanced ...

  • September 30, 2002 30 Sep'02

    Web services' idées fortes

    Web services are more evolutionary than revolutionary, building upon earlier service-oriented technologies and approaches to distributed computing. Web services are standards-based, but open standards are really only the price of admission. The true...

  • September 25, 2002 25 Sep'02

    Software AG looks to capitalize on Web services

    Software AG looks to capitalize on Web services

  • September 23, 2002 23 Sep'02

    Web services management

    As if the technology behind Web services wasn't confusing enough, Web services management products are coming to market with an equal amount of non-clarity. Simply put, Web services management is the orchestration of distributed service components ...

  • August 16, 2002 16 Aug'02

    Vultus offers a window to Web services

    Vultus offers a window to Web services

  • August 01, 2002 01 Aug'02

    Web services can reduce risk

    Web services can provide a better approach for application rationalization, project scoping and management. In this article, CBDi Forum considers one of the more complex systems application areas currently being hotly debated - the UK's National ...

  • July 29, 2002 29 Jul'02

    The three steps to Web service integration

    Web services represent a significant new phase in the evolution of software development. As such they are attracting a great deal of media and industry hype. Vendors from all areas of the market are claiming leadership in the Web service arena, most...