Service orchestration

  • June 22, 2006 22 Jun'06

    Rogue services lurk in SOA

    When Web services slip through cracks in governance, they can become rogue services, the killer apps that could kill your business.

  • May 30, 2006 30 May'06

    Sun's Bauhaus on open sourcing SOA technology

    Sun has been busy putting everything from its Solaris operating system to its Java technology into open source. But what about the technology from SeeBeyond that was all proprietary prior to Sun's acquisition of the company in August 2005? We get ...

  • May 16, 2006 16 May'06

    Sun announces commitment to open source Java

    At opening keynote of JavaOne, Sun execs say the question of open sourcing Java code is no longer a matter of whether, but how.

  • May 08, 2006 08 May'06

    SOA Software buys Blue Titan

    SOA Software adds Blue Titan's mediation technology to its Web services management, security and governance products to create what one analyst calls "a powerful platform-neutral SOA infrastructure."

  • April 13, 2006 13 Apr'06

    Special Report: How much is that SOA in the window?, part 3

    With the advent of service-oriented architecture, the ability to orchestrate software may supplant the value of the software itself, opening up a massive consulting opportunity into which vendors are plunging.

  • February 09, 2006 09 Feb'06

    Sun unveils new SOA platform, ESB

    Sun Microsystems today slapped the ESB label onto the former SeeBeyond EAI middleware it purchased last summer. It has also been combined with Sun's portal and application server offerings.

  • January 24, 2006 24 Jan'06

    Reactivity's Nash: Get ready for the SOA deluge, part 2

    Andrew Nash is the chief technology officer at Reactivity Inc. He is the co-author of numerous Web services specifications including WS-Security, WS-Trust, WS-Federation, WS-SecureConversation and WS-SecurityPolicy. Previously he was a director of ...

  • October 24, 2005 24 Oct'05

    Web services pioneer Boubez on SOA development

    Toufic Boubez is the chief technology officer for XML networking vendor Layer 7 Technologies, Inc. Previously he served in IBM's Emerging Technologies Group back when that group helped to build the foundation for service-oriented architecture and ...

  • October 21, 2005 21 Oct'05

    Web services pioneer Boubez on SOA hardware and policy

    Toufic Boubez is the chief technology officer for XML networking vendor Layer 7 Technologies Inc. Previously, he served in IBM's Emerging Technologies Group, helping to build the foundation for service-oriented architecture, and served as its lead ...

  • September 20, 2005 20 Sep'05

    Infravio release targets SOA business rules

    The latest registry/repository upgrade from Infravio focuses on putting more control in the hands of business users.

  • September 13, 2005 13 Sep'05

    The WSDM in SOA

    Tomorrow a group of prominent Web services and networking vendors will attempt to show off the muscle and flexibility of the WSDM specification.

  • August 23, 2005 23 Aug'05

    Synapse to provide open source Web services mediation

    Leading ESB and SOA management players lead the new Apache project to provide transformation and routing and promote loose coupling.

  • August 21, 2005 21 Aug'05

    Hapner on Java Business Integration

    Mark Hapner is a distinguished engineer at Sun Microsystems Inc. He is lead architect of the J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition) platform, co-lead of the Enterprise JavaBeans specification and lead for Java Message Service (JMS). Hapner, who is ...

  • August 09, 2005 09 Aug'05

    JetBlue enters SOA airspace

    JetBlue Airways is spearheading a new Web services initiative that will include a registry, management and security backbone for its SOA.

  • July 27, 2005 27 Jul'05

    Management Web services hit open source fast track

    Management vendors have put three Web services management specifications on a combined standards, open source fast track to prepare for the challenges of SOA.