Application portability and interoperability

  • March 08, 2016 08 Mar'16

    Did APIs kill enterprise middleware?

    Is traditional, software-based middleware dead, or just resting? Some say APIs are fit to do the job better and that enterprise middeware is on the way out (if not gone already).

  • June 02, 2010 02 Jun'10

    HTML5 video codec war and lax support hinder adoption says Forrester

    HTML5 still lags behind other Rich Internet Application platforms like Flash, Flex and Silverlight, says Forrester analyst Jeffrey Hammond. While a video codec battle creates delays, front end Web developers report some success. Hammond says ...

  • October 02, 2008 02 Oct'08

    The Ajax Experience 1: Google Chrome shakes up the browser firmament

    Responsiveness of Ajax apps can only improve as browsers get faster. Google's shiny new Chrome browser is just one of several in a very active browser segment. The ins and outs of that JavaScript infused segment were on display at The Ajax ...

  • December 13, 2007 13 Dec'07

    SOA turns on the radio

    Innovative Chicago radio station uses service-oriented architecture (SOA), Ajax, and open source technologies to build an audio version of a Web 2.0 social network.

  • October 09, 2007 09 Oct'07

    Harvard prof. envisions Enterprise 2.0 Web services

    Wikis, blogs and social networking, now viewed mostly as a consumer trend, have the potential to change the way knowledge workers work as Enterprise Web 2.0 enters the corporate world, a Harvard professor says.

  • August 08, 2006 08 Aug'06

    City creates Web portal to tame monster Web site

    The city of Eugene, Oregon, prides itself on the diversity of its community and has even found a way to get Java and .NET to work together in its new Web portal, using BEA Systems' AquaLogic Portal.

  • April 03, 2006 03 Apr'06

    IBM announces 31 SOA products, including Ajax portal

    An Ajax-enabled portal, an updated J2EE app server and software that allows business analysts to track SOA are among the 31 new SOA-themed products IBM is preparing to roll out.

  • October 26, 2005 26 Oct'05

    BEA's Carges on portals, Ajax

    Part 1 of a Q&A with Mark Carges, BEA Systems Inc.'s CTO, who tackled questions about how SOA has altered the way portals get built and the growing importance of Ajax.

  • June 18, 2004 18 Jun'04

    What are your favorite Web services sites?

    Let us know which Web services sites you find to be the most helpful on a daily basis and why. We'll run your top picks in a follow-up Featured Topic. Just e-mail them to us at February 19, 2004 19 Feb'04

    Diamelle e-business suite Web services-enabled

    Diamelle Technologies announced a new e-business suite of components that are Web services-enabled.

  • December 18, 2003 18 Dec'03

    FileNet backs new portal standards

    FileNet has added new support in its content management products for two portal computing standards -- Java Specification Request 168 and Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP).

  • October 08, 2003 08 Oct'03

    Cape Clear targets telecom with Web services products

    Cape Clear Software on Tuesday announced a new release of its Web services product set that targets the telecommunications sector and business services.

  • February 19, 2003 19 Feb'03

    Web services integration may hinge on portals

    One of IBM's top portal architects and an OASIS standards specialist says corporate portals are not only a natural fit for Web services, but Web services-based portals can also ease application integration and provide cost savings. OASIS' Web ...

  • January 29, 2003 29 Jan'03

    CA licensing in the news

    The New Year has seen the giant software vendor going all out to tell the world about both its flexible licensing offerings and being less concerned with explaining its financial position with its third quarter returns.

  • March 27, 2002 27 Mar'02

    Plumtree says Web services should underpin portal standards

    Plumtree Software thinks the Java API proposed by IBM, Sun and others for enabling the integration and interoperability of multivendor portal components doesn't go far enough.