SOA Overview

Get back to the basics of service-oriented architecture with's SOA Overview. Learn about implementation, registry and repository, governance and management of SOA.

Get back to the basics of service-oriented architecture with's SOA Overview. Learn about SOA implementation,...

registry and repository, governance and management of SOA. Find business analysis information from renowned SOA expert Thomas Erl, a podcast listing SOA essentials and find all the best information on SOA that our site has to offer.

A brief history of SOA
Thomas Erl discusses the evolution of service-oriented architecture. From the onset of software architecture implementation to the current strategic goals and setbacks of business process development, Erl explains the history SOA.
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SOA Essentials
This podcast offers up a practical breakdown of service-oriented architecture, including deployment tips, architecture design concepts and standard definitions that can be of help when making the case for SOA to your business intelligence.
Listen to the essentials of SOA podcast.

SOA School: Table of contents
Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is one of the hottest buzzwords in IT right now. Want to learn more about this IT manager's holy grail, in which software components can be exposed as services on the network and so can be re-used time and time again for different applications and purposes? If so, then SOA School is for you. Eric Marks, President and CEO of AgilePath and the author of the Executive's Guide to Web Services, is your SOA School professor. In each of these 15-minute lessons he'll walk you through SOA strategy, implementation and management. SOA School is in session.
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SOA Learning Guide
This learning guide introduces you to service-oriented architecture, or SOA. In this learning guide, you'll find all the information you need on service implementation and enterprise architecture design. Find articles, tips and expert advice about SOA governance and and security, business process management and registry and repository.
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SOA Advisor: Business analysis and SOA
The SOA Advisor newsletter is a six-part series written by Thomas Erl that discuss how SOA and service-orientation relates to and affect business analysis processes and approaches. The articles include updated information on open source software, service modeling, SOA adoption pitfalls, and process-centric business services.
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SOA Advisor: The principles of service-orientation
The SOA Advisor newsletter is a six-part series of articles written by Thomas Erl dedicated to exploring the common principles of service-orientation. This series discusses loose coupling, reuse, statelessness, and service layers.
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Selling SOA to the CEO
You could say that behind every successful service-oriented architecture is a CEO. With its promise of using existing technology to more closely align information technology with business goals, SOAs have proven to help companies realize greater efficiencies, cost savings and productivity. IBM's Sandy Carter discusses a list of ways to promote SOA for executive endorsement.
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The difference between SOA governance and Web services management
A member asks one of our experts, "What is the difference between SOA governance and Web services management?" Read the response or pose a question of your own.
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