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December 2017, Vol. 5, No. 6

DevOps, microservices key to digital transformation journey

Under increasing pressure to build better-quality mobile apps faster, more efficiently and at less cost, businesses in the midst of their digital transformation journey are starting to migrate from large monolithic systems to newer modular, microservices architectures, in which they build independent components and shape them into complete systems. And DevOps, likewise, brings consistency to the development process so companies can continually build and deploy applications and refresh them as often as necessary. The microservices phenomenon "Mobile app development has been a driver for both microservices and DevOps because the way that mobile apps are built requires more fine-grained services," Gartner analyst Jason Wong said. "These services are reusable and orchestrated to offer specific APIs that developers need. So, if you are building a mobile app and you have a workflow that might be calling data from a [customer relationship management] system and another piece of data from an ERP system, you need different services on ...

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