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Using old apps? New approaches for application modernization

Learn how to keep old apps useful with this guide's introduction to app modernization, resources on using the cloud for updating apps, video tutorials on getting mainframes up to speed and a glossary of terms.


As enterprises and technologies change with the times, it's important that old apps do as well. The task of keeping legacy apps running smoothly is a time-consuming, resource-intensive process, one complicated by outdated infrastructures. That doesn't mean, however, that old apps should be shown the door.

This guide explores new app modernization approaches -- including cloud deployment -- that breathe life and longevity into legacy apps.

1App modernization 101-

Approaches and tools for modernizing old apps

Just because an organization has decided it's time to modernize its old apps doesn't mean it will be smooth sailing from there on out. An enterprise has to consider a variety of factors, such as cost and time, before diving into an app modernization project. Read on for advice on successful project planning and development.


Top considerations before upgrading old apps

Modernizing legacy apps can be expensive and time consuming if a project roadmap isn't carefully devised and followed. Continue Reading


Using a services approach to modernizing legacy apps

To modernize an application, an app design should include elements for reuse and efficiency in the cloud. Continue Reading


Mobile computing's impact on application modernization

Cloud and virtualization technologies provide application modernization, allowing people to handle info in the mobile- and Web-based ways they want. Continue Reading


Approaches and tools for app updates and architecture modernization

Some may think application updates only entail moving to the cloud, but a solid plan is needed for success. Continue Reading


Application modernization needs on the upswing

Mobile computing is on the rise, and application capabilities are having a hard time keeping up with the latest devices. Continue Reading


How to tackle application portfolio assessment

When it comes to an application portfolio assessment, it's important to think of applications as an investment with ongoing expenses. Continue Reading


Challenges and trends modernizing apps and migrating to the cloud

Ovum's Margaret Goldberg says many businesses talk about migrating to the cloud, but they don't realize how difficult the task can be. Continue Reading

2Updates using the cloud-

Utilizing the cloud for app modernization

Many developers are familiar with the saying "Time is money." The statement couldn't hold more true for those tasked with efficiently modernizing old apps. The pressure to modernize legacy apps quickly has some IT pros reaching to the cloud because that technology offers faster deployment. Read on to learn more about how Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) and other cloud technologies fit in with app modernization.


Cloud-based identity management system aids education efforts

North Carolina is moving to a cloud-based identity management system to make it easier to gain access to learning materials. Continue Reading


Organizations adopt cloud-based dynamic case management

Leaders from Eccentex discuss how knowledge workers and the BYOD trend may drive cloud-based dynamic case management. Continue Reading


Top considerations for adopting enterprise cloud services

Cloud Elements' founder and CEO Mark Geene discusses what architects need to know to best work with enterprise cloud services. Continue Reading


Cloud integration hurdles exist as iPaaS packages mature

Legacy infrastructures and large volumes of data are just a couple of iPaaS adoption obstacles architects may face. Continue Reading


Using MBaaS to meet growing demand for enterprise mobile apps

Cloud services platform MBaaS may hold the key to architects meeting the rising need for mobile apps for the workplace. Continue Reading


Taking a close look at iPaaS: Past, present, future of the platform

Appirio's Glenn Weinstein discusses the state of iPaaS and what architects can do to get the most out of the integration approach. Continue Reading

3App modernization videos-

Getting mainframes and databases up to speed

Modernizing legacy apps can be an overwhelming task for even experienced professionals. Experts say there is, however, a shift in the way people are thinking about legacy modernization projects. Watch these videos for advice on how to get in the right mindset for handling old apps.


Mainframe and database legacy modernization trends

At Red Hat Summit 2013, Red Hat's Emily Brand and JBoss' Jason Anderson discussed the latest trends in updating mainframes and databases.


Database and mainframe modernization action plan

Database and mainframe modernization can seem overwhelming. Red Hat service delivery manager Emily Brand shares her simple action plan for success.


Strategies for modernizing middleware

Middleware consultant Jaromir Hamala discusses latency issues, garbage collecting and where SOA stands today.


App modernization and cloud: Must-know terms

This glossary provides commonly used terms for app modernization and cloud deployments. Get a refresher on all terms related to application modernization.

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