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The world of microservices and container technologies

Are you ready to embrace microservices and container technologies? Before diving into adoption, take a moment to brush up on the latest news and expert advice concerning this technology.


Opinions on microservice and container technologies seem to be mixed. As senior technology editor Stephen J. Bigelow points out, microservice and container technologies have the potential to help organizations achieve better scalability and use resources more efficiently than traditional software designs. Other analysts, such as Steve Weissman, believe this is just another name for something that's been around for a long time.

Whichever school of thought you belong to, microservices are here and they are making an impact. But leveraging this technology is not a free ride -- there are many security, development and adoption challenges that organizations need to understand and address in order to use this technology effectively.

In this guide, we explore the impact microservice and container technologies have had in the enterprise space and some of the unique ways they are being used by today's organizations. You'll also find expert tips and discover strategies for getting the most out of your adoption of microservices and containers.

1Exploring the possibilities-

Learn about the microservices and container experience

What's the latest news concerning microservices and container technologies? In this section, we'll explore the experience organizations have had when adopting (or attempting to adopt) this approach to app development and management, as well as the unique ways organizations are putting this technology to use.


How to navigate containerization security

In this tip, George Lawton examines the occurring friction between security and container technologies, taking a critical look at the potential vulnerabilities created by containers, what vendors are doing, and why security teams may need to learn how to code. Continue Reading


How Runscope conquered microservices challenges

Here, Lawton examines reports on the use of microservices by the API provider Runscope all the way from their initial adoption. Learn about why they were a unique candidate for this technology, the challenges they faced in terms of deployment and service discovery, and how they made microservices work for them. Continue Reading


Is building microservices for BPM the next big thing?

In this feature, Weissman explores the relationship between business process management (BPM) and microservices. He explores the significant changes that BPM applications have undergone over the past few years and how microservices fit into the picture, including what organizations are doing to integrate the two. Continue Reading

2The experts have spoken-

Answers to your questions on microservices

As popular as microservices have become, there is still plenty to be learned about the technology. In this section, experts answer some of the questions developers and app managers have about microservices today.


What's the real difference between SOA and a microservices architecture?

Contributor Todd Biske shows us the three major differences between SOA architecture and a microservices architecture. Discover what they are and why they are a critical part of the decision to move onto microservices or stick with SOA. Continue Reading


What's the relationship between microservices and the cloud?

Contributor Tom Nolle talks about the combination of microservices and the cloud. He points out that assuming the cloud will go hand-in-hand with a microservices architecture is a mistake and explains the approach developers can take in order to create a happy marriage between the two. Continue Reading

3Make the right moves-

Key strategies for microservices and container use

The adoption of microservice and container technologies is not a free ride, but implementing the right strategies can keep issues to a minimum. In this section, experts share their knowledge concerning the adoption and proper use of these technologies.


What app managers need to know about microservices

Brad Irby goes over the pros and cons of a microservice architecture and explains where exactly these considerations fit into the decision to leverage microservices. Find out what every technology manager must know about this approach. Continue Reading


Key strategies needed to leverage container technologies

In this tip, we learn how having the right tools and support structure in place could make the difference between success and failure in your adoption of container technologies. Follow along with Chris Riley as he explains the key strategies needed in order to avoid security issues, sprawl and more. Continue Reading


How developers can rethink modular programming for microservices

Learn the new mentality required behind modular programming now that microservices are making their way into the enterprise. Nolle examines gRPC, an RPC framework that allows an application or component to be built as though all the pieces of code were a monolithic build, and how it can help simplify programming microservices. Continue Reading


Key terms and definitions

Here are a few key terms to know when it comes to microservice and container technologies.

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