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SOA tutorial: Trends, governance and the microservice impact

Where is SOA going? Is it being phased out or just getting a new look? For the time being, SOA is still at large, but technologies such as microservices are affecting its perceived usability and governance requirements.


SOA is certainly nothing new, but that doesn't mean that this architecture approach isn't experiencing change. Organizations are finding new, unique uses for this approach, such as combining it with real-time data viewing and analytics. The emerging popularity of microservices is creating questions surrounding the true nature of its relationship with SOA. And the changes and new pressures placed on SOA affects how organizations need to approach governance of this architecture.

As for those who aren't completely invested in SOA, the evolution of this approach certainly points to larger trends surrounding enterprise architecture as a whole. Everyone who is responsible for the management and maintenance of architectures within their enterprises would be well served to understand the changes that SOA is undergoing to gain a better grasp on today's architecture landscape.

This SOA tutorial contains a collection of advice, news and opinion pieces from our contributing experts who look at these developments and examine where SOA's future is really heading.

1SOA: Same, but different-

Exploring SOA trends

Is today's SOA the same as yesterday's SOA? Yes and no: While the fundamental principles of SOA have not shifted, it has been forced to keep up with the times as the internet of things, improved data analytics and other technology trends continue to gain momentum. Some even question the very name "service-oriented architecture."

This part of the SOA tutorial features expert views on the evolving role of SOA today, including its relationship with the connected-everything trend and its growing role in Air Force operations.


Can SOA keep pace with the connected-everything trend?

As the connected-everything trend moves forward, enterprise architects need to make sure their organizations keep up. Here's what to expect from SOA in the near future. Continue Reading


Air Force leverages SOA to support warfighter operations

The Air Force uses SOA to improve data sharing and track aircraft in real time. Michael Marek of Air Mobility Command explains what businesses can learn from their experience. Continue Reading


Have SOA principles been tainted by its name?

The principles of service-oriented architecture are so mainstream that this expert suggests that SOA could simply be called "architecture." Continue Reading

Blog Post

BPM and SOA: Better together?

Experts predict organizations that integrate data analytics technologies with business processes and enterprise architectures will gain a competitive advantage through the use of statistics-backed user and market information. Continue Reading

2How to train your SOA-

Applying GRC to SOA today

SOA has changed, and that means that some of the rules concerning its governance have changed too. However, it's essential to update your governance, risk and compliance (GRC) practices to align with modern technologies and methodologies while not forgoing the basic and fundamental tenants of SOA GRC.

This section of the SOA tutorial presents expert articles that discuss the various aspects of GRC for SOA. Read on to learn what needs to change, what shouldn't and what tools can help you keep everything under control.


At the heart of SOA governance, people matter

Governance is critical in IT, but practitioners often are wrapped up with the technical components; they forget about their people. Expert Steve Weissman explains further. Continue Reading


SOA and microservices call for a holistic GRC approach

Cloud applications and microservices have altered the traditional foundations of GRC. Tom Nolle explains why and describes a new approach for GRC. Continue Reading


SOA governance tools: Think automation and centralization

Take a look at SOA governance tools and how various vendor offerings stack up. Continue Reading


The SOA vs. microservices debate

As part of the crusade towards smaller and faster services, the microservices approach has shoved itself right into the enterprise architecture conversation. And some argue it's even pushing SOA out of the way.

Opinions may vary on microservices, but one thing is true: they exist, and this existence makes people question where the line between SOA and a microservices architecture really should be drawn.

This part of the SOA tutorial features pieces from our contributing experts that examine the evolving role of microservices and how that evolution affects enterprises' use of and attitudes towards SOA.


JBoss BPM middleware puts microservices on stage

The 2016 Red Hat Summit featured a presentation by architects in the financial area talking about their use of microservices. This is what they had to say. Continue Reading


Microservices: SOA 2.0 or just a fad?

Comparing SOA vs. microservices architecture, a veteran developer sees evidence that the latter is a fad. Even small businesses should consider SOA, he advises. Continue Reading


SOA vs. MVC vs. microservices

How new is the concept of microservices? Does it compare more closely with the principles of SOA or those of model-view-controller architecture? Chris Riley examines this topic. Continue Reading


Really, what's the difference between an SOA and microservices?

Everyone has a different viewpoint on SOA, but three key differences between SOA and microservice architectures can help you determine which is best for your enterprise. Continue Reading

4Test yourself-

A quiz on SOA vs. microservices

Want to see how well you understand the relationship between microservices and SOA? In this SOA tutorial section, test yourself with our quiz.

Quiz time

5The SOA vocab-

Some important SOA terms

One of the best ways to stay on top of today's SOA-related trends is to stay up-to-date with the terminology. This part of the SOA tutorial lists some terms related to the changes SOA is undergoing.

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