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SOA BPM guide: Mobile, cloud drive BPM, BPEL changes

This guide provides advice for using SOA BPM and BPEL, plus reports noteworthy trends about the technology


Innovative leaders know the important role technology plays in everyday business operations. Many managers immersed in IT are turning to business process management (BPM) as a means to move their organization forward. SOA BPM can be a powerful tool in keeping operations in sync with client wants and needs. More so than traditional management styles, BPM focuses on reducing human mistakes, promoting efficiency and integration with technology.

1Things to know-

Expert advice: Working with SOA BPM, BPEL

Technology leaders are using BPM as an efficient means to keep up with the ever-changing needs of their organization. Before you jump in to using BPM and/or BPEL, take a look at some advice to ensure your implementation goes smoothly.


How to avoid BPM project landmines

At the 2013 Gartner Conference, the keynote offered tips on avoiding politics in a BPM program. Continue Reading


How to test BPEL in SOA

Best practices for testing BPEL include using a testing suite and integrating BPEL fully into ALM. Continue Reading


How to develop BPEL composite apps

Business Process Execution Language can be used to frame a complete composite application strategy if it's used properly. Continue Reading


How to solve common BPEL problems

Business process execution language-related issues, whether technical or process-oriented, can be resolved with custom-code processes. Continue Reading


How to think of business design and transformation

Forrester Research Senior Analyst Clay Richardson describes three key steps for incorporating user experience into business process design. Continue Reading

2BPM and BPEL developments-

Top trends to watch for in BPM and BPEL

Technology is always evolving and the state of SOA BPM and BPEL isn't an exception. Read on to find out the latest industry trends.


The state of BPEL in 2013

Business process execution language hasn't changed much over the past few years, but it has received more attention from vendors. Continue Reading


The case for cloud-based DCM

Leaders from Eccentex discuss how knowledge workers and the BYOD trend may drive cloud-based dynamic case management. Continue Reading


Most important customizations for SOA governance

It's important not to let solid governance practices be limited to SOA, because deficiencies in other areas impact efforts. Continue Reading

3Mobile BPM-

How mobile is revolutionizing SOA BPM

Look around in any public area and you're likely to see someone using a mobile device. So, it should come as no surprise that mobility has become an important development in BPM. Check out the videos in this section to learn how mobile is shaping the BPM landscape.


Mobile apps make a splash in BPM middleware

Red Hat's Rich Naszcyniec and JBoss' Jason Andersen delve into integration and BPM middleware platform trends.


Mobile BPM overview: Real-life success and failure stories

In this videocast, Forrester Research Senior Analyst Clay Richardson describes why and how to mobilize critical business processes. Part 1 of 2.


How to make processes mobile

Richardson offers expert advice on developing a strategy for mobile BPM. Part 2 of 2.


Must-know: Key BPM and BPEL terms

This glossary contains common terms related to SOA BPM and BPEL that any industry professional should be well-versed in.


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How much of this BPM and BPEL guide did you absorb? Find out if you still need to brush up with this six-question quiz.

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