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Guide to app portfolio management and legacy modernization

Read expert advice on app portfolio assessment and legacy migration. Plus, check out a glossary of key terms associated with app modernization. When you're done, take our quiz to see how much you've learned.


App portfolio management and legacy modernization aren't going away any time soon. With technology rapidly changing, apps that have been in use for just a year can be considered dated. However, constantly starting with a fresh app isn't a luxury afforded to most organizations. Given the constant influx of tools and techniques, some experts say it's always a good time to conduct an app portfolio review.

Hanging on to legacy apps may seem like an easy way to save a financially-strapped organization some cash, but the tactic can backfire when old apps drain resources. In some situations, even trying to determine when an app needs to be updated can be challenging.

This guide brings together a collection of articles and key terms related to app portfolio and modernization techniques. When you're done reading and viewing the content, see how much you've learned by taking our quiz.


How to keep your app portfolio up to speed

Finding the perfect balance between taking on new projects and managing old ones is a challenge for organizations of all sizes. Whether a company is just starting out or has been around for decades, app portfolio management and assessment is a critical, ongoing task. When app portfolio management is not completed, dated applications can unnecessarily strain an organization's resources.

Read on to learn the basics of app portfolio assessment.


How to get started with app portfolio management

Scott Sehlhorst offers strategic guidance on how to approach application portfolio management with a focused vision. Continue Reading


Project portfolio management best practices

Following project portfolio management best practices can help organizations balance new projects with established systems. Continue Reading


Why portfolio assessment is key for development projects

While having the appropriate portfolio assessment tools helps, real results come from changing processes. Continue Reading


How to keep your app portfolio current

Keeping your app portfolio up to date is a continuous process. Here are some FAQs on modernization to help you along the way. Continue Reading


How to use various methods to update legacy apps

Keeping up with the fast pace of technology can be difficult, especially when it involves applications dependent on one another. When it comes to app modernization, though, there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. Each situation needs to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

The following is a collection of articles offering advice for conducting app modernization.


Roadmap for a successful app modernization project

In this podcast, independent technology consultant Joe McKendrick discusses how to deal with a legacy app in the ever-changing IT landscape. Continue Reading


How to select an app modernization vendor

Legacy modernization vendors can aid organizations by assisting with portfolio assessment and post-transformation training. Continue Reading


Benefits of taking an Agile-DevOps approach to modernization

The Agile-DevOps approach to legacy modernization transforms slow-performing old apps into resource-efficient apps without operational issues. Continue Reading


What to avoid when transitioning from COBOL to C

To keep operational expenses low, keep these modernization considerations in mind when dealing with COBOL programs. Continue Reading


Success with event-driven app modernization

Learn about the future of component binding, so enterprise architects can monitor the space carefully for developments. Continue Reading


Making app modernization successful

How an organization approaches app modernization can determine a project's success. Some experts assert that having the right mindset is essential. Tackling small parts of a project first, and thinking about the business side of things, are just two points made by industry insiders.

Watch the following videos for more app modernization advice.


How to drive app modernization from a business perspective

Organizations can best reap the benefits of legacy application modernization by attacking the process from a business perspective.


Business prosperity hinges on proper app modernization

Adeptia CEO Lou Ennuso discusses what he sees taking place with legacy migration and what it means for businesses.


Database and mainframe modernization action plan

Database and mainframe modernization can seem overwhelming. Red Hat service delivery manager Emily Brand shares her simple action plan for success.


Mainframe and database modernization trends

At Red Hat Summit 2013, Red Hat's Emily Brand and JBoss' Jason Anderson discussed the latest trends in updating mainframes and databases.


App modernization definitions

This glossary provides definitions for common terms associated with app portfolio management and legacy modernization.


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