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Enterprise architect's guide to optimal BPM workflow

Learn about strategies and techniques to maximize BPM workflow. Get an introduction to implementation methods and tips, plus a glossary of essential business process management terms.


Business process management, or BPM, combines various techniques and methods to optimize business processes. When BPM is implemented correctly, organizations can reap the benefits of streamlined procedures and cost savings. What company doesn't want that?

Coming up with a strategic game plan to better understand how work is done and eliminate inefficiencies may sound like a daunting task because there are numerous ways to go about such an undertaking. There are ways, however, to effectively take on the project without becoming completely overwhelmed.

This guide brings together resources that will get you on your way to designing and implementing a structured approach to better business management. When you're done, see how much you've learned about BPM workflow by taking our quiz.


Implementing BPM processes

There is a lot to take into consideration when implementing and optimizing BPM. Getting in the right mind-set to orchestrate a set of procedures can take some work. Read on for advice on things to be aware of when developing a BPM workflow strategy.


How to use BPM as middleware to infuse process intelligence

Using BPM tools to bridge systems together provides business context by baking in process intelligence. Continue Reading


Why BPM drivers shouldn't affect processes

Holistic management tools using mobile, social and cloud capabilities may enhance processes, but it's a mistake to use them just because they exist. Continue Reading


Forget personalities; devise BPM strategies with goals in mind

Enterprise BPM is supposed to improve workflow; however, at many organizations it's a relic of past employees and practices. Continue Reading


How to gain a competitive advantage with open source BPM

Establishing a relationship with open source BPM providers can help users quickly resolve technical issues and reduce internal IT staff. Continue Reading


Combine SOA, BPM and modeling to create a functional fabric

Modeling, SOA and BPM shouldn't be thought of as three separate routes to improved processes; rather, they are components that when intertwined, can form a highly functional process fabric. Continue Reading


BPM, SOA go hand in hand

Enterprise BPM and SOA shouldn't be thought of as competing methods, but rather complementary approaches that can benefit them both. Continue Reading


The dos and don'ts of cloud BPM

BPM expert Steve Weissman explains why cloud BPM is not a cure-all solution for business processes. Continue Reading

2BPM in action-

Businesses find value in BPM

It's one thing to read about how to execute a carefully crafted BPM strategy, but it's another to see how the work can pay off. IT leaders can glean insight as to how to commence their own BPM workflow initiative by learning from the successes and shortcomings of those before them. The following is a collection of articles focusing on how organizations are using BPM.


IT manager calls on BPM software to meet company's growing needs

An inside look at how an IT manager researched workflow management software to determine how to best meet his organization's growing needs. Continue Reading


BPM workflow management software keeps record company in tune

Vinyl record manufacturer owner Mark Calabro discusses how he chose a workflow management software product to meet his company's need for improved organization. Continue Reading


Businesses find value behind social BPM

BPM experts bring social BPM into sharper focus and explain the business problems that might benefit from social solutions. Continue Reading


How the cloud helps beat BPM project roadblocks

See how one company used the cloud to boost their BPM project and open their workflow. Continue Reading


Experts talk BPM, DCM

From smart process applications to mobile devices, there are a lot of things that play a role in BPM and dynamic case management (DCM). Watch these videos to gain insight on everything from mobile BPM to the various ways DCM can be measured.


How to avoid common BPM snags

Consultant Steve Weissman discusses BPM's holistic management approach and identifies common mistakes made with the practice and how to overcome them.


Don't let mobile BPM depend on devices

BPM consultant Steve Weissman explains why mobile BPM should enhance workflows, but should never define them.


Mobile devices shake up DCM

The dynamic case management landscape is changing to keep up with evolving customer needs for immediate communications.


New measurements gauge DCM success

Agility and customer experience join productivity and quality as key measurements of dynamic case management projects.


Smart process applications' role in DCM

Smart process apps are poised to have a major breakthrough in dynamic case management, research shows.


Must-know BPM terms

This glossary provides terms commonly used when working with BPM.


Prove your BPM knowledge

How much have you learned about BPM? Find out with our quiz.

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