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EA in transition: Guide to keeping up with disruptive technologies

This guide provides key strategies and techniques to stay ahead of disruptive technologies and keep application capabilities in sync with business needs.


Enterprise architecture's primary goal, from an IT perspective, is to align application capabilities with business requirements. In the past, this goal was inhibited by monolithic application structures -- think mainframes -- that can't easily be transformed as business needs change. Today, the disruptive technologies of social media, mobile applications and cloud are driving businesses to revamp traditional enterprise architectures to accommodate them, as well as the social-mobile-cloud application makeovers currently needed.

1Strategies and techniques-

How to keep ahead of disruptive technologies

Social media, mobile devices and the like are game changers for enterprise architecture. Read on for advice on how to avoid letting such obstacles get in the way of meeting business objectives.


How to supervise functional and process design activity

EA models are often documented, not designed. Therefore as business needs evolve, revisions to the functional and process design are often needed. Continue Reading


Using EA-driven virtual applications in ALM

Enterprise architecture coupled with ALM can be mutually beneficial in regards to virtual apps, making it easier to establish governance policies. Continue Reading


How to use EA principles in SOA governance

Mapping is among the key actions that will ensure SOA governance gets off on the right foot. Continue Reading


Modern design techniques and distributed architecture

This learning guide provides software architects with the expert advice, tips and insights needed to help design distributed architectures using effective SOA design techniques. Continue Reading


How to create a cloud computing EA strategy

Learn to steer clear of challenges when preparing your enterprise architecture for cloud computing. Continue Reading


Top avoidable pitfalls in distributed SOA systems

In an effort to gain some insight into how to best approach application design and architecting distributed SOA based systems, TheServerSide reached out to Arnon Rotem-Gal-Oz, the author of SOA Design Patterns, for his insights on the topic. Continue Reading


Keeping up with changes in enterprise architecture

Disruptive technologies are among the key forces changing the enterprise architecture landscape. The following is a collection of articles outlining some of the major drivers to be aware of.


Look out: Top trends in software architecture

The application development world is constantly evolving. Forrester's Jeffrey Hammond explains how software architecture's trends are keeping up. Continue Reading


How resource-based approaches are changing SOA

There has always been a debate over the right approach to SOA in terms of taking a resource based approach or a service based approach to service oriented architectures. Continue Reading


Disruptive technologies push SOA to the cloud

SOA based systems have been around long before the proliferation of mobile devices and social media. How are they adapting? Moving into the cloud is a big part of the new coping strategy. Continue Reading


Must-know EA terms

This glossary provides common terms related to enterprise architecture.

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