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DeviceCOM, from Intrinsyc Software, is a line of device and network integration products that is used to make Internet or PC devices work with each other on a network. Developed to provide Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) services for Windows CE, Microsoft's embedded operating system for mobile devices, deviceCOM provides a development environment in which device-to-device communication is automatically managed so that application developers don't have to write programs to handle it. DCOM provides a development framework for distributed applications; deviceCOM supplies a connectivity framework between Windows CE-based devices and an enterprise's networked computers, through Microsoft's Web solution platform.

DeviceCOM was created specifically for distributed embedded applications and is said to have a small footprint and flexible protocol support, and to be fault-tolerant and firewall-friendly. Available for either Windows or Linux operating systems, deviceCOM is currently being used in a number of products, including industrial automation, mobile computing, and point-of-sale applications.

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