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News from JavaOne 2015

The Java development world will come together at JavaOne 2015 in San Francisco. Here are the key takeaways from Java's annual highlight.


Learn what developers are saying about Java EE 8 and Java 9, including the highlights and lowlights of the latest release. In this guide, find articles, interviews, and videos from JavaOne 2015, a look at how trends are shaking down and what has taken place over the past year in the Java world.

1Breaking news-

Updates from JavaOne 2015

Get a preview of what the speakers are planning to present and discuss at JavaOne 2015. Get daily updates of what is happening during the conference. Find out what hot topics are being discussed within the Java community.


Seven takeaways from JavaOne

What were the big takeaways from JavaOne 2015 with regards to the Java platform? Here we take a look at seven key insights garnered from this year's JavaOne and Oracle Open World conferences. Continue Reading


Video: Why enterprises are slow to go social

Alan Pelz-Sharpe discusses social business applications and why businesses are wary of this strategy. Continue Reading


Video: How you're putting software projects at risk

In this interview, Daniel Bryant discusses how many software projects are at risk due to development fallacies. Continue Reading


Video: Learn about Greenfoot programming with Barry Burd

Learn more about Greenfoot programming from Java pro Barry Burd. Continue Reading


Video: Barry Burd talks Android apps

Barry Burd, Java expert and author, discusses how Android applications may have brought Java back from the brink. Continue Reading


Video: Rob terpilowski's favorite Oracle JavaFX tools

At JavaOne 2015, Java enthusiast Rob Terpilowski discusses why he's still a fan of Oracle JavaFX tools. Continue Reading


Video: Steve Millidge on GlassFish

At JavaOne 2015, Steve Millidge discusses expectations for the future and what he and Payara are working on with GlassFish Open Source. Continue Reading


Video: Daniel Bryant on containerization

At JavaOne 2015, consultant Daniel Bryant discusses how debugging Java apps within containerization is ramping up. Continue Reading


Moving from Ruby to Java microservices architecture

Gilt, an online luxury marketplace, moved from a monolithic Ruby architecture to a more high-performance Java microservices architecture. Here are best practices. Continue Reading


What Oracle delivered at OOW 2015

Learn how Oracle was pushing its cloud technologies, but OOW 2015 keynote speakers largely talked about cloud strategies. Continue Reading


Why mobile app integration is different

Mobile is here, and it is challenging developers to learn a whole new approach to architecture creation and integration that goes beyond SOA, SOAP and web services. In this session, Joe Huang and Lyudmil Pelov of Oracle provide tips, techniques and practices developers can employ in order to create reusable, custom APIs that can help integrate mobile apps. Continue Reading


Oracle underwhelms with their Java SE Cloud Service announcement

At JavaOne 2015, Shaun Smith took the stage to discuss the direction that Oracle is taking in terms of developing, deploying and hosting Java applications in the cloud. Continue Reading


Stop complaining and get yourself on the latest JDK release

At JavaOne 2015, Georges Saab, Oracle VP of software development, had some advice to those experiencing development pains with earlier versions of the JDK release. Continue Reading


How incremental Java releases work

There may not have been a major Java release since last year, but at JavaOne2015, there are still plenty of performance upgrades and feature enhancements for platform architects to boast about. Continue Reading


Seven tips to becoming a Java developer Zen master

At JavaOne 2015, Martijn Verburg presented a Zen-focused lesson on mastering the Java developer role. Continue Reading


Celebrating 20 years of Java technology at JavaOne 2015

Twenty years is a pretty significant milestone, especially if you're a programming language. At JavaOne 2015, everyone is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Java programming language, and looking ahead at the challenges another 20 years will bring. Continue Reading


Building a collaborative development team

At JavaOne, GitHub's Matthew McCullough will explain why the future is collaborative software development. It's not just about the one rock star any more. Continue Reading


Microservices and containers at JavaOne

Arun Gupta of Couchbase talks about JavaOne 2015, microservices, container technologies and the relationship between long distance running and development. Continue Reading


How performance monitoring can solve app issues

JavaOne speaker Chris Hansen of New Relic previews his discussion about the benefits of conducting performance app monitoring. Continue Reading


Videos from JavaOne 2015

Find out what developers and technologists are talking about at JavaOne in this video section. Java and software development experts discuss tech trends, cloud computing strategies, the state of the developer shortage and more.


How work culture impacts software developers

In this video, Dominique DeGuzman discusses how industries may be responsible for the shortage in hiring software developers.


Use recruiting tools to avoid dev shortage

Survive the tech talent shortage by adopting self-managing systems and recruiting tools instead of only degree holders, Capgemini expert advises.


Microservices Java EE development to grow in 2016

Steve Millidge, C2B2 consulting founder, sees microservices projects getting real in 2016 and gives advice on beating challenges and using Java EE development.


Changing software developer roles on the fly

In this video, learn about Bernard Mesa's transition to -- and role as -- a middleware engineer.


How digital transformations are changing organizations

What is digital transformation? How is a digital master beating out competitors? Capgemini Senior VP Subir Dutt surveys the digital battleground in this video.


Moving into the hybrid enterprise

Take hybrid cloud to the next level with a hybrid enterprise transformation. One without the other is a half-baked approach, according to Capgemini analyst Subir Dutt.

3Learn about the trends-

Java trends in 2015

What has been happening in the world of Java in the past year? Find out about emerging trends, how Java 8 is doing and where Java 9 stands. This trend section covers all that happening since JavaOne 2014.


2015 Emerging Java trends

So far in 2015, big trends are emerging in the Java ecosystem, and top among those trends are the use of cloud-based IDEs and the adoption of Java 8 and lambda expressions. Continue Reading


What about Java 9?

Modularity and new value types could come with Java 9. This could mean improved startup performance and easier programming of arrays. Continue Reading


How to fix Java performance problems

Java performance has greatly improved over the years, but getting true, linear scalability has always been a problem, largely due to the way data collections are handled in memory. However, new approaches to memory management are being developed, and ObjectLayout's StructuredArrays just might make it into Java 9 or 10. Continue Reading


Security concerns with Java 8

The Spring framework created a situation where the Java EE platform had plenty of catching up to do, but if Java EE 8 can plug the security holes and evolve beyond Spring, Java EE may once again become the first choice for enterprise application development. Continue Reading


Creating modular code with Java's Project Jigsaw

Project Jigsaw is the new standard for modular code development in Java. Expert Barry Burd takes an in-depth look at the first early access release. Continue Reading


Adding voice recognition to Java programs with Amazon Echo

Want to add voice recognition to your Java apps? You can do it with Amazon echo. Continue Reading

4Looking back-

Takeaways from JavaOne 2014

Has Java 8 reached expectations? Have Java apps improved in the last year? Take a look back at the news and hot topics that were covered at JavaOne 2014 in this review section.


How does Java EE 8 compare to past releases?

At JavaOne 2014, Barry Burd discussed how and why he's predicting a fast adoption of Java EE 8. Continue Reading


API trends and management tools

In this Q&A, Mala Ramakrishnan, director of product marketing at Oracle, answers questions about trends in API integration and management tools. Continue Reading


Reviewing Java EE 8 highlights

At JavaOne 2014, the latest features and upgrades of Java EE 8 were highlighted. Continue Reading


Native deployment of Java across mobile platforms

Learn how startup company Codename One is promising native Java across mobile platforms. Continue Reading

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