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Choose the best application modernization services for your business

Businesses looking to modernize their app development processes or legacy software have a number of application modernization services from which to select. See which PaaS or container orchestrator works best for you.


Having software and an application development strategy that works today doesn't mean a business can rest on its laurels. In order to keep pace with competitors and customer demand, an application modernization strategy can't simply be a nice-to-have on a CIO's wish list. Considering the time, money and resources saved, the efficiency gained in app development, and how it keeps companies relevant, application modernization services are an absolute necessity.

Companies are beginning to shift to mobile, social and the cloud, and need ways to handle big data, as well. They need ways to transform their legacy apps, yet keep vital business functions intact. Sometimes this means transforming the apps themselves or transforming the ways they are maintained. More often than not, however, it means employing application modernization services to change the way applications are developed.

This is where cloud technologies such as platform as a service (PaaS) and containers can help. Before PaaS and containers, businesses spent a lot of time and money maintaining legacy software or completely overhauling their IT departments. PaaS technology and containers are application modernization services that simplify the modernization process by allowing legacy apps to be easily and efficiently moved, updated, developed and tested without the loss of vital functions or data.

There are different considerations for both business-altering technologies: PaaS products are managed by a third party, allowing companies to concentrate on app development; containers are managed in-house. If a company opts to use containers as a means of modernizing its legacy software, it will need container orchestrators or container management software to reach that goal.

Once a path to application modernization has been chosen, the next step is selecting the right vendor. For instance, some technology works better for smaller organizations, while application modernization services works better for dedicated shops. Security, pricing, proprietorship and ease of use are other aspects that differ from vendor to vendor. While the need for application modernization is constant and universal, the process is unique for each business.

Depending on the business' needs, the method of modernization and the application modernization services used to help achieve digital transformation will differ. This guide provides ways to determine which technology a business should choose to modernize legacy apps. It examines both PaaS and containers, and addresses the features and functionality of each, and how they can change the face of IT departments. 

1Do I need?-

Determine the best method of application modernization for your business

A need for legacy application modernization services is obvious, but knowing which approach to use is not. Cloud technology is essential to developing or maintaining legacy software, as well as overhauling architecture, and it presents many different methods for modernizing.


Explore the range of application modernization methods

The use of the cloud creates many different methods to execute legacy application modernization strategies. See how PaaS technology and containers can help keep organizations' applications' vital business functions relevant and useful. Continue Reading

2How to buy-

Evaluating PaaS and container management software

Once a method for modernizing legacy software has been chosen, knowing how to evaluate application modernization services is the next step. Learn the key buying criteria to pay attention to when procuring either PaaS or container management software.


Gain clarity on how to select a PaaS vendor

Deployment models, supported languages and environments, and integration with existing applications are just some of the features a company needs to consider before purchasing PaaS technology. Continue Reading


What to consider when looking at container management software

Breaking down the key elements of the container ecosystem and knowing how containers orchestrate application development can lead to a better understanding of what to consider before buying container management software to modernize legacy apps. Continue Reading

3Which should I buy?-

Which application modernization services are best for your company?

With an application modernization strategy and the know-how for buying PaaS and container management software firmly in place, see which vendors can help businesses modernize legacy software.


Which PaaS vendor best fits your application modernization needs?

Choose either user- or developer-focused PaaS to help ensure a successful execution of your application modernization strategy. Continue Reading


Which container orchestrator is best for your digital transformation strategy?

To clear up the muddled market for container management software, here is a list of the vendors that could suit your application modernization needs. Continue Reading

4Product overviews-

Look at the application modernization services that can help with legacy app modernization

Get a rundown of the cloud-based products that can assist in modernizing legacy software.


Create and deploy cloud-native applications with the Cloud Foundry platform

With the Cloud Foundry open source platform tool, businesses can revitalize app development teams to begin creating cloud-native applications. Continue Reading


An overview of Google App Engine, a developer-focused PaaS

Aimed at businesses looking to develop web and mobile apps, Google App Engine allows businesses to take a cloud-first approach to app development. Continue Reading


Modernize legacy software with IBM Bluemix

With three deployment options (public cloud, private cloud and on premises), companies can use IBM's PaaS to modernize legacy software and develop cloud-native applications. Continue Reading


Find user-friendly PaaS with Mendix

For businesses looking to revitalize their application development process, Mendix offers low-code app building tools. Continue Reading


App Service streamlines app development process

For Microsoft shops looking for application modernization tools, Azure App Service is an obvious choice for PaaS. Continue Reading


Overhaul app development process with Oracle Cloud Platform

Oracle Cloud Platform helps businesses migrate legacy software to the cloud and develop cloud-native applications. Continue Reading


Develop new or rearchitect existing applications for the cloud with Red Hat OpenShift

Offered as PaaS or on-premises software, Red Hat's OpenShift platform helps businesses achieve modernization with their app development processes. Continue Reading


A look at Salesforce App Cloud

Salesforce App Cloud offers organizations low-code development tools designed for the business user. Continue Reading


Use SAP Cloud Platform to modernize legacy software

Create internet of things-enabled and big data-focused apps with the user-friendly PaaS, SAP Cloud Platform. Continue Reading


See how Amazon's EC2 Container Service can help businesses manage containers

For those choosing to use containers to develop cloud-native apps, Amazon ECS manages containerized apps with flexibility and security. Continue Reading


Automatically containerize and deploy legacy apps with the Apcera Platform

Apcera's container management system helps businesses run and operate containers that help deploy cloud-native apps or modernize legacy ones. Continue Reading


The fleet container orchestrator by CoreOS features automated deployment

Due to its neutral nature, the small-scale fleet container orchestrator can run any type of container image. Continue Reading


Run Docker containers with the container orchestrator Docker Swarm

Docker Swarm is a natural fit for businesses using Docker containers and tools to modernize their app development processes. Continue Reading


A look at the Google Container Engine

Running on Kubernetes, the Google Container Engine helps organizations orchestrate and manage containers from multiple cloud providers. Continue Reading


Joyent's Triton DataCenter touts container-as-a-service system

For those organizations using containers to modernize legacy software, Triton DataCenter offers simple container and cloud management. Continue Reading


Find large-scale container management in Mesosphere's DC/OS

With Mesosphere's DC/OS, enterprises can build and deploy applications in a microservices environment. Continue Reading


See how Mesosphere Marathon helps companies orchestrate containers

Mesosphere Marathon orchestrates containers for developers specializing in container-based app development. Continue Reading


Microsoft Azure Container Service works for all major container vendors

Leveraging technologies from Docker and Mesosphere, Azure Container Service lets businesses build and deploy container-based apps with the tools of their choice. Continue Reading

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