Microservices Matters

November 2007

Service-oriented architecture (SOA)

  • SOA, IT’s chameleon architecture

    George Crump - Storage Switzerland 26 Nov 2007
  • I was reading a recent blog entry by Joe McKendrick in which he noted that service-oriented architecture can save money during hard times and add revenue during good times. It got me thinking about ...

  • Podcast: SOA, composite applications and data integration

    George Crump - Storage Switzerland 20 Nov 2007
  • Web services and composite applications, like traditional monolithic apps, rely on data. Without the right data at the right time, the service/application has nothing to execute. In this podcast, ...

  • 10 ways SOA is like a Thanksgiving meal

    George Crump - Storage Switzerland 19 Nov 2007
  • It's that time of year where people dust off old chestnuts, revive traditions and take a wistful look back. This is something we ran in 2005 as part of a newsletter, but it never had an official ...

  • SOA bloggers wanted

    George Crump - Storage Switzerland 12 Nov 2007
  • We at SearchSOA.com are looking for the next generation of leaders in the app dev space. You see, we've got this new blogs section (you're reading it right now) and we know we've got some budding ...

  • Caught in a sea of SaaS

    George Crump - Storage Switzerland 01 Nov 2007
  • Over on her ebizQ blog, Krissi Danielsson has noted that the buzzword success of Software as a Service (SaaS) has spawned numerous aaS imitators, including Data, Architecture and Voice all "as a ...