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Orderly: A lighter JSON Schema, if you will

Joe McKendrick has an interesting post about a cool new schema.  It relates to JSON, and is meant to give JSON apps data handling capabilities that are a bit more robust.

This site posted a while ago on issues of XML, and the growing popularity of JSON; in short, it said there is a crowd that finds that XML is overly complicated and that JSON is a simpler solution. That may form the crux of some developments in the year just new.

Of course, JSON is simple because it was meant to be – one of creator Doug Crockford’s aims was to create a spec that fit on a mere business card. But when people find they really really need things they will look for ways to extend anything, including JSON. Not welcome, because the the “eXtensible” in XML was an entry for complexity, in some people’s estimation. Sure enough, a JSON Schema developed to provide data rigor has come to be seen as too complex by more than a few.

McKendrick writes about an alternative – Orderly, a lighter JSON Schema if you will. He cites blogger Ganesh Prasad, who says JSON Schema long-windedness has been rectified with the launch of the Orderly new schema language, which, in turn, was developed by Lloyd Hilaiel of Yahoo!

Finally before the new year gets older, to Joe McKendrick, who was nice enough to point to our bit about JSON and XML, Happy New Year!

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