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Mainframe-centric CMG conference looks at cloud

by Rob Barry

As the Computer Measurement Group’s (CMG) 35th annual CMG Conference kicks off in Dallas, Texas next week, cloud computing will be the center of attention. A number of sessions will cover related topics that focus on data and infrastructure management in the cloud.

CMG, originally associated with mainframe technology, is a long-standing organization of data processing experts who work on the measurement and management of computer systems. Over the years, the group has worked to expand the well-honed performance- and capacity-oriented tools and disciplines for use in server-centric computing.

As cloud computing vies for attention, the CMG has undertaken new efforts to explore related performance issues. Various viewers have suggested new takes on mainframe methods will come to the fore in the cloud.

Industry analyst Amy Wohl, president of Wohl Associates, will deliver the keynote CMG address titled “The Impact of Software as a Service (SaaS) on the Enterprise Data Center.” Following this, Jeffrey Nick, Senior VP and CTO at EMC Corp will lead the plenary session on using virtualized data centers in the cloud.

Other topics of discussion include business service governance, infrastructure on demand, capacity planning, data crunching in the cloud and–no surprise, here–performance and scalability.

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