Microservices Matters

February 2012

  • The Big Dig and difficult software

    Jack Vaughan - Senior News Writer 21 Feb 2012
  • Software is magic - sometimes it’s magic out of control. Bad software projects, SOA or otherwise, need good analogies. So, we talk about The Long March, The Project from Hell and so on. A recent ...

  • When business processes meet software services

    Jack Vaughan - Senior News Writer 14 Feb 2012
  • When driving school instructors go to action films like “Fast and Furious” you can bet their impression differs from that of would-be race drivers in the same audience. “They should fasten their ...

  • Mobile middleware platform uses open source ESB and BAM

    James Denman 03 Feb 2012
  • Transport for London, the transportation authority for England's capital city, recently revamped their rider information services with an open source middleware platform. Application development ...

  • IBM buys in to mobile middleware, acquires Worklight

    Jack Vaughan - Senior News Writer 03 Feb 2012
  • The drive to 'develop once and deploy everywhere' has become more acute as small and big enterprise IT shops have needed to support a wide array of mobile devices. This has led to the appearance of ...

  • The year of WebOS and open source?

    Jack Vaughan - Senior News Writer 02 Feb 2012
  • HP recently followed up its December plan to release its WebOS mobile platform and development tools with a proposed timeline.  The company also recently released Enyo 2.0, the webOS developer’s ...