Microservices Matters

November 2011

  • BPM joins ESB and data integration for Talend

    Jack Vaughan - Senior News Writer 30 Nov 2011
  • Talend, which recently added ESB capabilities to its data integration platform, has added business process management (BPM) capabilities to Talend Unified Platform v5, announced this week at ...

  • Middleware testing gets tougher

    Jack Vaughan - Senior News Writer 29 Nov 2011
  • From one SOA test expert's perspective, 2011 saw a notable rise in agile development and related open source test software. Meanwhile, middleware testing continues to grow more complicated. "What I ...

  • An OAuth API eases development

    Jack Vaughan - Senior News Writer 17 Nov 2011
  • We spoke with Apigee's Sam Ramji recently. He and the company, which focuses on API products for enterprises and developers, find themselves among those at the center of one of the rising trends in ...

  • Adobe gives up on Flash plug-in for mobile browsers

    Jack Vaughan - Senior News Writer 12 Nov 2011
  • The mobile web application development world may create many unanticipated aches and pains if word out of Adobe this week is a guide. The company said it would give up work on Flash plug-ins for ...

  • Lisp creator John McCarthy, 84, dies

    Jack Vaughan - Senior News Writer 02 Nov 2011
  • The 'creator of Lisp' may be nicer than the 'father of garbage collection.' But John McCarthy could answer to either sobriquet. He died last week, at 84. With Lisp, he gave a language to artificial ...

  • Comment: SOA and the portfolio

    Jack Vaughan - Senior News Writer 02 Nov 2011
  • Increasingly, serious SOA efforts are about managing a portfolio. That means sorting through the corporate assets to see what should be service-enabled, what should be left as is, and what should ...