Microservices Matters

April 2009

  • Transactions are the currency for SOA management

    Jack Vaughan - Senior News Writer 29 Apr 2009
  • AmberPoint has been busy, announcing support this week for Microsoft BizTalk Server 2009, and, earlier in the month, announcing integration with IBM WebSphere DataPower. We talked with the company ...

  • Facebook APIs add Activity Streaming

    Jack Vaughan - Senior News Writer 28 Apr 2009
  • RSS and Atom are among the most useful elements to emerge from the XML and Web services revolution that occurred over the last 10 years. Who'd have thunk it? RSS seemed a small part of an XML ...

  • Watching the Feds pick a CTO and CIO

    Jack Vaughan - Senior News Writer 27 Apr 2009
  • Over the years, the Federal government has had considerable influence in seeking to define the role of Enterprise Architect. As a new administration gets rolling in Washington, there is some chance ...

  • Reza Rahman on Oracle-Sun

    Jack Vaughan - Senior News Writer 23 Apr 2009
  • A recent piece SearchSOA.com ran on the mega merger of Oracle and Sun heard from a number of users who saw a better competitive situation with Sun in the Oracle camp, as opposed to being the IBM ...

  • OSGi angle on Snorkle (Sun-Oracle) deal

    Jack Vaughan - Senior News Writer 22 Apr 2009
  • Communicated recently with Eric Newcomer about Oracle and Sun, which is big news this week. Parts of our e-mail conversation are included in the SearchSOA.com story entitled “Java side of Sun seen ...

  • The quest for granular SOA services

    Jack Vaughan - Senior News Writer 21 Apr 2009
  • I learned from a writing teacher who was not a writer at all – he was an engineer. He took an engineer’s approach to writing – or maybe I should say a reverse-engineering approach. That is: He ...

  • Oracle buys Sun for $7.4B

    Jack Vaughan - Senior News Writer 20 Apr 2009
  • Database software giant Oracle has reached a definitive merger agreement to purchase Solaris OS and Java originator Sun Microsystems for about $7.4 billion. The move follows reports of a breakdown ...

  • IBM-Sun talks on rocks? "Sun being Sun?"

    Jack Vaughan - Senior News Writer 06 Apr 2009
  • It is opening day for baseball in the U.S. and blogger Dana Blakenhorn finds a suitable metaphor to describe the latest reported dealings of Sun and IBM. Last month, the Wall Street Journal ...

  • SOA service managers wanted

    Jack Vaughan - Senior News Writer 03 Apr 2009
  • Ovum analyst Tony Baer reaffirms the link between SOA and IT Service Management in a blog post - entitled ''What’s a Service? Who’s Responsible?'' He talks briefly about the role ITIL can play, and ...