Microservices Matters

March 2008

  • SOA, Progress and the R-word

    Heather Clancy 28 Mar 2008
  • Two interconnected debates are raging in the blogsphere over how service-oriented architecture (SOA) may be running into resistence in 2008. One debate covered this week in a SearchSOA article is ...

  • Podcast: Mulesource CEO on why SOA requires many ESBs

    George Crump - Storage Switzerland 26 Mar 2008
  • This podcast with Mulesource CEO Dave Rosenberg covers the role of the enterprise service bus (ESB) inside an SOA. Rosenberg notes that an ESB shouldn't be thought of as a singular piece of ...

  • Oracle avoids JavaScript in RIA tools

    Heather Clancy 24 Mar 2008
  • Oracle Corp. continues to pursue its agnostic approach to Web 2.0 development as its tools designed to help developers create Ajax without having to mess with JavaScript progress through beta, says ...

  • The SOA-RIA intersection

    George Crump - Storage Switzerland 21 Mar 2008
  • Recently we polled SearchSOA.com site members on their RIA and composite application plans. What we discovered is there's a massive overlap between the SOA and RIA audiences. In all we received 395 ...

  • Eclipse forms OSGi community

    Heather Clancy 19 Mar 2008
  • At EclipseCon this week, the Eclipse Foundation announced that it is forming a new open source community project "to develop and promote open source runtime technology based on Equinox, a ...

  • The SOA version of March Madness

    George Crump - Storage Switzerland 17 Mar 2008
  • Rumor has it that the SOA market is on the brink of another wave of acquisitions. Oracle opened the year with its purchase of BEA Systems, but the move has yet to touch off much of anything in the ...

  • Red Hat buys SOA knowledge transfer expertise

    Heather Clancy 14 Mar 2008
  • Service-oriented architecture (SOA) expertise is still not available off-the-shelf. That's the reason Red Hat Inc. bought Amentra Inc., a integration services provider headquartered in Richmond, ...

  • Web 2.0 leading SOA in buzzword compliance?

    Heather Clancy 12 Mar 2008
  • Marketers in the service-oriented architecture (SOA) world seem to be  falling all over each other to make their new products Web 2.0 buzzword compliant. Although Web 2.0 is a dubious term ...

  • SOA getting its red carpet moment

    George Crump - Storage Switzerland 10 Mar 2008
  • I was looking at the IBM Impact 2008 site and between the cascading images of Drew Carey and the B-52's it dawned on me that SOA has arrived. Say what you will about the imperial excess IBM has ...

  • Highlights from the “Pragmatic SOA Governance” seminar

    George Crump - Storage Switzerland 03 Mar 2008
  • We at SearchSOA.com have just finished up with the maiden run of our "Pragmatic SOA Governance" seminar. The first two shows were in suburban Philadelphia and Washington D.C. and I'm pleased to ...