Microservices Matters

February 2008

  • Interesting TSS.com WSDL discussion

    George Crump - Storage Switzerland 27 Feb 2008
  • Our sister site, TSS.com has got a spirited discussion going about WSDLs, REST, XML, JSON and Java APIs. Some are arguing "the best WSDL is no WSDL at all."

  • Looking for a few good WSDLs

    George Crump - Storage Switzerland 25 Feb 2008
  • I recently ran into an architect who was trying to wrap his head around SOA. He had sorted out most of it, but one thing was gnawing at him: what makes for a good WSDL? Obviously that can change ...

  • What is SOA quality?

    George Crump - Storage Switzerland 20 Feb 2008
  • I was talking with Wayne Ariola, Parasoft's vice president of strategy and corporate development, last week about the concept of SOA quality. Parasoft's been using the term "SOA quality" as part of ...

  • REST-based SOA registry tilts at status quo

    George Crump - Storage Switzerland 19 Feb 2008
  • Last week WSO2 released a REST-based SOA registry, joining Mulesource, which released a REST-based SOA registry in January. Together they're doing something we haven't seen a lot of in the SOA ...

  • Podcast: Common pitfalls of data integration

    George Crump - Storage Switzerland 14 Feb 2008
  • In the world of application development, data is king. Unfortunately many new-fangled approaches to app dev, like SOA, have neglected that importance of turning data into an accessible, reusable ...

  • Wall St. looks to meld enterprise mashups with SOA

    George Crump - Storage Switzerland 13 Feb 2008
  • Web 2.0 and enterprise mashups were the hot topics at this year's Web Services/SOA on Wall St. conference. Michael Ogrinz, principal architect for global markets at Bank of America, revealed his ...

  • Is there a better way to say SOA governance?

    George Crump - Storage Switzerland 11 Feb 2008
  • At SearchSOA.com we spend a fair amount of time writing about the importance of governance and how you aren’t likely to succeed with service orientation unless you put a solid governance model ...

  • SOA is big, a billion new readers can’t be wrong

    George Crump - Storage Switzerland 04 Feb 2008
  • SearchSOA.com has gone international. Just recently we launched a version of the site in China. Now, technically speaking, we don't have a billion new readers on the site, but you get the idea: ...

  • Could Yahoo! change Microsoft’s app dev focus?

    George Crump - Storage Switzerland 01 Feb 2008
  • Unless you've been under a rock, you've probably heard by now that Microsoft has placed a $44.6 billion bid to buy Yahoo!. We'll leave it to others to ponder the Wall St. implications of the move, ...