• February 14, 2012 14 Feb'12

    When business processes meet software services

    The business-side may buy the tools and model the processes in BPM, but then they leave it to developers in the application integration team to make it all work with enterprise software services. BPMN 2.0 has not altered that fact, but it may lead ...  Continue Reading

  • February 09, 2012 09 Feb'12

    Red Sox hit home run with custom Microsoft CRM app

    Despite its success selling out Fenway Park, the Red Sox recently implemented a version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, customized for sports organizations by Green Beacon Solutions LLC, based in Newton, Mass. Green Beacon’s Sports CRM offering has ...  Continue Reading

  • February 03, 2012 03 Feb'12

    The year of WebOS and open source?

    HP recently followed up its December plan to release its WebOS mobile platform and development tools with a proposed timeline. When it’s all said and done, WebOS will be given to the open source community under an Apache license 2.0.  Continue Reading

  • February 03, 2012 03 Feb'12

    IBM buys in to mobile middleware, acquires Worklight

    The drive to ‘develop once and deploy everywhere’ has become more acute as small and big enterprise IT shops have needed to support a wide array of mobile devices. This has led to the appearance of mobile middleware that acts as a moderating stage ...  Continue Reading