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Are BPEL4WS and RosettaNet in competition?

Aren't Web services standards (BPEL4WS) and RosettaNet, in competition with each other?
On the surface, RosettaNet and BPEL4WS appear to have an overlap. If we dig deeper however, we see that far from being competitors, RosettaNet and BPEL4WS are ideally suited for use as a powerful combination. RosettaNet's main purpose is to provide standard e-business dialogues, while the main purpose of BPEL4WS is to be the language that is used in expressing e-business dialogues. RosettaNet has already been exploring the use of ebXML's BPSS as a potential language to express the standard e-business processes in. I would like to see RosettaNet "translate" its e-business process standards in various business process languages (e.g. BPEL4W, ebXML BPSS etc).
This was last published in August 2003

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