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ASP client getting lost with null value

I am working with Web services and I am using Java as my server and ASP as my client. When the client requests a service, the Web service processes that request and returns the response, which is an object called Titulo. This object has an attribute of type date, which sometimes comes null. This is where my problem begins: the ASP client seems to get lost with this null value. It works fine when the date is not null. Here is the message error that I got from the server:
Generic Custom Type Mapper:Element data could not be loaded while loading type Cliente

Is there a solution for this problem?
The Generic Custom Type Mapper (GCTM) allows serialization of any COM object as a complex type as long as it exposes its data as non-indexed properties. To use the GCTM in a Web service client, you pass a COM object as a parameter to the operation exposed by the Web service method and match the COM type to the GCTM in the Web service's WSML document.

To use the GCTM, you also need a COM object for each complex type on the server. Since you are using a Java server, your complex types are most likely represented by Java classes. This implies a need to generate a COM object on the server for each associated GCTM, based on definitions in your WSDL document. If you do not wish to roll your own COM generation tool, Cape Clear Studio from Cape Clear provides a very elegant solution to this problem.
This was last published in June 2003

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