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Learn to easily run distributed apps built on microservices

Distributed applications can clearly benefit from the architectural benefits of microservices, but that has traditionally come with certain drawbacks. Discover how it's become easier to manage distributed applications built on microservices due to ...


Look for alternative microservices protocols beyond REST

Despite its popularity, REST isn't always the best protocol for microservices communication. There are other options that may be a better fit.


Master container monitoring options for microservices

What does it take to manage your containers? Explore a wide range of monitoring tools specifically suited for Docker and Kubernetes.

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Key microservices middleware selection tactics

Microservices middleware strategies require an understanding of goals, state control and other key factors. Discover everything you should consider and how it affects your needs.

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  • Microservices and data integration

    Mavenlink M-Bridge connects PSA platforms and apps

    Service organizations get a built-in integration platform with Mavenlink M-Bridge, a professional services automation platform to standardize API integrations for systems-of-record apps.

  • Cloud and iBPM

    Low-code tool takes AI to the people

    With BP Logix's latest BPM platform release, predictive analytics comes to BPM without a posse of data scientists. The AI tools inside could fill BPM's machine learning gap.

  • API management strategy

    Choose API integration when SaaS won't play with others

    Oracle's vice president of integration, Vikas Anand, explains how SaaS app silos occur, drivers for API integration adoption and how DevOps can avoid integration project obstacles.