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Leading API management practices for microservices

API management is undeniably essential, but it requires a comprehensive plan. Here are the five steps of an API management strategy and advice on how to complete each one.


Assess how much you know about microservices security

Think you know what complicates microservices security and what precautions to take to maximize protection? Challenge yourself, and take this quiz to find out.

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Microservices opens doors to an array of storage methods

Microservices can facilitate data management when they use a polyglot persistence strategy. See how the strategy works and how it can align to specific business needs.


A breakdown of microservices load-balancing techniques

Work distribution in microservices is tricky; without the right strategy, you risk that workloads won't scale effectively. Here's how to nail down load balancing for microservices.

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  • Microservices and data integration

    Mavenlink M-Bridge connects PSA platforms and apps

    Service organizations get a built-in integration platform with Mavenlink M-Bridge, a professional services automation platform to standardize API integrations for systems-of-record apps.

  • Cloud and iBPM

    Low-code tool takes AI to the people

    With BP Logix's latest BPM platform release, predictive analytics comes to BPM without a posse of data scientists. The AI tools inside could fill BPM's machine learning gap.

  • API management strategy

    Choose API integration when SaaS won't play with others

    Oracle's vice president of integration, Vikas Anand, explains how SaaS app silos occur, drivers for API integration adoption and how DevOps can avoid integration project obstacles.