Business process modeling and design

  • BPM Learning Guide

    This new SearchSOA.com learning guide introduces you to Business Process Management, BPM. In this BPM learning guide, you'll find articles, tips, expert advice, white papers and more that will explain how BPM fits into the world of Web services.  Continue Reading

  • Roles of the Enterprise Architect with Business Process Management (BPM)

    Both the enterprise architect and business process management (BPM) are often found between business and IT. In this three-part series, discover the different roles the enterprise architect can play when it comes to business process management.  Continue Reading

  • BPEL tutorial

    This SearchSOA.com tutorial has the latest information on Business Process Execution Language (BPEL). Find enterprise application definitions, tips on Workflow managment, and first-hand stories from successful BPEL application integration.  Continue Reading

  • BPM Tutorial

    Our new Business Process Management (BPM) tutorial provides the definitions, tips, news, examples, and products you need to get started with or optimize your use of BPM.  Continue Reading

  • Business Process Modeling Notation Mini-Learning Guide

    This guide provides links to background information to help you understand BPMN and various articles to help understand the context in which BPMN is being used. In addition, there are links to a number of articles exploring the interplay of BPMN and...  Continue Reading