WSO2 Web Services Application Server, Version 2.0

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WSO2 Web Services Application Server, Version 2.0

SOA has created new age problems for data. ETL-based data warehouses aren't built for the agile, on-demand nature of SOA and it is a new age, open source vendor taking top honors in the data services/integration category.

WSO2's data services allow developers to expose data stored in relational databases in minutes via a Web services API without programming. An XML response is generated using database data, making it fast and easy to include this data in Web mashups. Developers can deploy the data service configuration file directly or create a service using the UI wizard.

The July 2007 releases enables convenient service orientation of existing data sources such as RDBMS, CVS, Excel and JNDI data sources, the ability to service-orient RDBMS stored procedures, and a configurable data service layer (including service operation mapping and element name mapping). It also has role-based security to data access, including digital signatures, encryption and various security tokens.

Users can apply WS-policy assertions to data access services and expose underlying datasets through queries and XML mapping.

According to one judge, "It's nice to see open source software take on the growing data access problem. This is a tool that's likely to make both architects and developers happy. It's service-oriented and it addresses a common tactical problem that teams face in most every project."

Support for REST-style Web services is also included in WSAS.

The software itself is free. Support: $2,000 per server per year for Silver, $4,000 per server per year for Gold, $8,000 per server per year for Platinum. Development support starts at $2,500. Consulting is $2,500 per day. Training courses are $400 per person per day.

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