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Application-based business process modeling and design improves the workflow of software development and operations teams. Find the latest news, tips and expert advice about BPM, including implementing effective business rules management, using cloud and intelligent BPM and tying in forward-thinking process modeling and design with microservices.

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  • When BPM and the government collide

    There’s plenty of evidence that BPM technology and government agencies are getting along better than ever.  This article from Government Technology talks about some of the ways the governments can ... Continue Reading

  • Should we say hello to DBPM?

    If there's one thing the business tech community is fond of, it's adding letters to acronyms. We've seen it with things like iBPM, MBaaS and DevSecOps. It looks like we may have a new one in our ... Continue Reading

  • What's the pulse on the BPM world?

    Here at SearchSOA, we've got an eye on BPM. And this month, that's our editorial theme. In light of that, here's a look at a few interesting developments in the BPM world that have occurred ... Continue Reading

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