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Microservices and development

As microservices continue to take a larger role in the operation of today's organizations, what does this mean for developers? Find content from our experts that looks at the development implications of microservices architecture, including the techniques, tools and guidelines they may need to rely on. More about Microservices and development

App portability/interoperability

Recent advancements with automation, containerized code, distributed computing and DevOps have enabled software teams to achieve new heights in developing lightweight, portable apps that are dynamic, responsive, flexible and scalable. Find content here about maintaining app portability and interoperability through proper integration, migration and more. More about App portability/interoperability

Managing architectures

No matter where you are on your journey to microservices or SOA, management should be a constant focus. This includes holistic governance, orchestration processes, proper management of APIs and more. This section provides news, tips, case studies and other content that look at how organizations should think about managing microservices architectures and SOA. More about Managing architectures

BPM and microservices

The combination of BPM and microservices offers a new world of opportunity for organizations looking to digitalize their critical business processes. This section reviews the tools, techniques and technologies that are driving the ability of microservices to truly support BPM needs and explores how organizations can manage this relationship properly. More about BPM and microservices

Digital transformation and app modernization

Technology changes rapidly. In order to stay competitive, organizations need to make sure they are on top of their digital transformation and application modernization processes. Here, our experts break down the ins and outs of these processes and examine the tools and strategies that will help push your transformation in the right direction and keep apps up to date. More about Digital transformation and app modernization