Java Web services standards

  • July 01, 2010 01 Jul'10

    JBoss portal supports Spring, Ruby and other frameworks for Web App development

    At Red Hat Summit and JBoss World in Boston Red Hat released a portal platform supporting lightweight Web application tool sets like Seam, Spring, Ruby, Groovy and PHP.

  • January 27, 2010 27 Jan'10

    Oracle's Ellison sees success in Java-based middleware

    As Oracle took over the Sun-originated Java language, CEO Larry Ellison said the company's success in making money on Java will hinge on its overall success in middleware. The early take is that Oracle will now feature both enterprise-enabled and ...

  • April 20, 2009 20 Apr'09

    Oracle-Sun combo: What does it mean for enterprise Java?

    Oracle's $7.4-billion offer to buy Java-originator Sun Microsystems re-arranges the enterprise Java landscape, but does not greatly disrupt the status quo, according to users and analysts.

  • March 20, 2009 20 Mar'09

    Java EE servers said giving way to lightweight application frameworks

    You can add the venerable Java application server to the growing list of purported 'dead technologies,' says Rod Johnson, creator of the Spring Framework, speaking at TheServerSide Java Symposium in Las Vegas.

  • November 13, 2008 13 Nov'08

    Former .NET Web developers ride Ruby and Rails application framework

    Light-weight architectures continue to gain currency, even on the heels of Microsoft's massive .NET framework effort. Two authors say the small-footprint Rails framework can provide more of an "an architecture out-of-the-box" for some Web ...

  • August 29, 2007 29 Aug'07

    SOA policy beyond Java and .NET

    Refusing to join the debate over which is best for SOA development, Java or .NET, Miko Matsumura, vice president and deputy CTO for Software AG, says, "For service development, both platforms have a lot of good stuff." But looking beyond service ...

  • May 17, 2007 17 May'07

    Where SOA standards matter: The SAP view

    Jeff Anders, director of solution marketing SAP AG's NetWeaver Developer Platform, was at JavaOne this month making a pitch for the new NetWeaver Composition Environment tool for standards-based service-oriented architecture (SOA) development. He ...

  • February 14, 2007 14 Feb'07

    RIA renaissance versus JSF dark ages?

    Burton Group senior analyst Richard Monson-Haefel stresses a build-for-tomorrow mindset, warns about server-side development of client-side projects and lauds the new Apple iPhone.

  • December 20, 2006 20 Dec'06

    Special report: Java EE 5 faces the SOA test, part 3

    The final part of this series looks at the role of the Java Community Process in the wake of the Java EE 5 release and its current priorities. It also examines what has been learned from the initial half-year of Java EE 5, and what may lie ahead.

  • December 13, 2006 13 Dec'06

    Special report: Java EE 5 faces the SOA test, part 2

    Part 2 of this series examines Java EE 5 in the context of enterprise-grade SO, looking at the Java ecosystem players and how they are moving enterprise Java development into an SOA world.

  • December 06, 2006 06 Dec'06

    Special report: Java EE 5 faces the SOA test, part 1

    The first of this multi-part series looks at what service-oriented principles Java EE 5 has embraced, if the platform offers enough simplicity and what role industry experts expect it to play in a loosely coupled environment.

  • August 28, 2006 28 Aug'06

    Newcomer: SCA, JAX-WS and Ajax in Eclipse SOA project

    Back in January, talked to Iona Technologies Inc. chief technology officer Eric Newcomer shortly after the first committee meeting for the the Eclipse Foundation SOA Tools Project (STP). As the STP committee prepares to make as...

  • March 08, 2006 08 Mar'06

    Yahoo! unveils Ajax Web services

    Leveraging its 2004 acquistion of Oddpost Inc., Yahoo! has released four new Ajax-based Web services APIs.

  • February 17, 2005 17 Feb'05

    Web services let loose using policy

    Businesses need to make dynamic Web services more flexible by decoupling the policy from the WSDL interface, according to Layer 7's CTO.

  • March 25, 2004 25 Mar'04

    BEA release enables inexpensive Java development

    For less than $1,000, you too can develop and deploy Java or service-based applications.