SOA Implementation

Microservices SOA Implementation:

SOA Implementation

The SOA Implementation All-in-One Guide is designed walk IT professionals through the essentials of a service-oriented architecture implementation. Each chapter deals with the central issues you'll need to grasp as you take your SOA from the concept stage straight through to deployment. It starts with a discussion of SOA fundamentals, followed by planning issues, then development, governance, security and runtime concerns. The guide is designed so that you can learn at your own pace and use the content as reference material either to plan what you have coming next along the SOA implementation curve or to assess the steps you've already taken.

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    Want to learn the latest information about Oracle, the ever-changing enterprise software company? Get updates about software business acquisitions, cloud computing, enterprise application technology, and SOA development with the Oracle Briefiing Book.

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  • SOA Development

    What pitfalls do you need to beware of when building out your SOA? We delve into those questions in this chapter along with the developmental issues around topics such as integration, the enterprise service bus, Java, .NET, Eclipse, open source and data integration.

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  • SOA Fundamentals

    The foundation for any successful SOA implementation is an understanding of the principles that comprise SOA, both what it is and what it isn't. The resources in this section will help you to understand the key benefits service-oriented architecture can provide to your organization.

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  • SOA Governance

    SOA governance, the term used for controlling all services in SOA, is a subset of IT governance that focuses on resources to be leveraged to SOA to bring value to the business. The foundation of SOA is based on service-level agreements, policies and contracts. SOA governance helps businesses meet their SOA goals by creating measurements and policy and control mechanisms around the services of SOA applications. Browse these articles and resources to find tips on how to improve SOA governance in your organization.

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  • SOA Planning

    Now that you've got a good grasp of the fundamentals, it's time to start planning your SOA implementation. This section will help you identify, pitch and realize the ROI of SOA. It will also delve into the methodology for aligning your SOA with the larger goals of your business.

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  • SOA Runtime

    Ready to flick the "on" switch for your SOA? This section deals with the challenges of testing inside the brave new world of SOA along with how many early implementers are building out their ever-maturing SOA infrastructure.

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  • SOA Security

    Web services aren't the same animal as traditional applications and they create a host of new security concerns. You don't need to be afraid of these new challenges, just prepared for them. Here you'll learn about the new security standards designed to help you protect your services as well as some methods for making sure the data inside your SOA isn't exposed to prying eyes.

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