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April 2012, Iss. 1

Decision management adds agility to customer processes

In today’s business environment, two factors are critical for success: insight into what’s happening under the hood of your business and agility for responding what’s happening both in and around it. For that reason, a growing number of businesses are beginning to understand that effective decision management can serve as an expressway to improving customer-facing processes. To many large enterprises, that’s not news. They’ve long had the resources to meet the cost, time commitment and expertise required for making successful investments in decision management. For smaller organizations, though, that hasn’t typically been the case. But things are changing. Vendors now offer a wider variety of technologies enabling decision management, making the adoption of such tools more feasible for companies that until recently struggled to find affordable solutions. Options now range from decision-management solutions from the market’s big guns to prepackaged, lower cost, easy-to-use tools from smaller vendors, including those offering ...

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