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  • IBM set to buy SPSS

    Jack Vaughan - Senior News Writer 05 Aug 2009
  • UPDATED - IBM’s recent move to purchase SPSS has been pegged as an attempt to improve its analytical software portfolio. It is that. But like other IBM purchases, it is also about installed base. ...

  • SPSS and PMML

    Jack Vaughan - Senior News Writer 05 Aug 2009
  • Last month we talked with SPSS. The company is in the news at the moment, as IBM has launched a $1-billion-plus bid to buy the firm. When we spoke, the topic was XML standards for analyzing data. ...

  • A letter from Cloud Camp

    Jack Vaughan - Senior News Writer 04 Aug 2009
  • By Rob Barry CloudCamp in Boston last week was clear evidence that enterprises are starting to take a serious look at cloud computing. Given, a lot of them are looking at cloud the way marketers ...

  • Google App Engine asks developers to think cloud

    Mike Pontacoloni - TechTarget 22 Jul 2009
  •   By Mike Pontacoloni Google App Engine is a straightforward example of cloud computing: You create an application, but your storage, bandwidth, and hosting needs are provided by Google’s ...

  • Grid computing, cloud computing, SOA and application development

    Brein Matturro - TechTarget 20 Jul 2009
  • By Jack Vaughan Cloud computing is not that much different than grid computing. It is rather like a subset of grid, but that is misleading because its scale is much more massive than grid. A lot ...

  • Cloud: Re-make, re-model, or leave as-is?

    Jack Vaughan - Senior News Writer 13 Jul 2009
  • The upsurge in cloud computing presents development teams with new challenges and opportunities. There is a school of thought maintaining that the best bet is to upload applications as-is to the ...

  • Low-latency ESB solution relies on high-powered hardware

    Jack Vaughan - Senior News Writer 07 Jul 2009
  • Content networking appliance maker Solace Systems pressed the case for its hardware approach to middleware with a recent high-speed message caching update for its Unified Messaging Platform. Think ...