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  • Frameworks emerging for cloud computing

    Mike Pontacoloni - TechTarget 05 Oct 2009
  • By Jack Vaughan Over many years, application development has proved to be something of a search for the appropriate level of abstraction. As integration projects have gained sway, APIs that somehow ...

  • Hadoop going mainstream?

    Mike Pontacoloni - TechTarget 05 Oct 2009
  • by Rob Barry The Hadoop World conference attracted a diverse crowd this year with speakers from IBM, Facebook, Intel, Amazon, the telecom industry and others. With a growing set of discussion ...

  • Zend partners to simplify cloud computing service access

    Rob Barry - TechTarget 01 Oct 2009
  • With so many differences between the various cloud platforms out there, could PHP be the one language to rule them all? PHP firm Zend Technologies thinks so. The company recently partnered with ...

  • OSGi in the context of Java

    Jack Vaughan - Senior News Writer 15 Sep 2009
  • IBM engineer Ian Robinson has a noteworthy blog post concerning OSGi. He points out areas of interest, questions to be answered. On the other hand is the question of just how OSGi features in the ...

  • Smart Jam from IBM and a side note

    Jack Vaughan - Senior News Writer 14 Sep 2009
  • IBM is announcing a new set of professional services. They include IBM Smart Business Desktop on the IBM Cloud, IBM Mobile Enterprise Services for Managed Blackberry, and IBM Converged ...

  • Modernizing the elephant

    Mike Pontacoloni - TechTarget 09 Sep 2009
  • Earlier this decade, old applications were often discarded and replaced with new ones that could better fit into a service-oriented architecture. With smaller budgets, though, many viewers see that ...

  • BPM 'cloud' vendor picks up Jetty application server

    Jack Vaughan - Senior News Writer 08 Sep 2009
  • There has been more than some discussion about SOA vendors moving to cloud computing, but BPM vendors are going there too. Witness the path of Intalio, now positioned as ''the leading vendor of ...

  • Red Hat gets more modular with JBoss server update

    Rob Barry - TechTarget 01 Sep 2009
  • With JBoss World happening in Chicago this week, Red Hat is on the move. The first big news item to surface is the release of the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) 5.0. This major ...