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  • XBRL Challenge offers $20,000 grand prize

    Jack Vaughan - Senior News Writer 14 Jul 2011
  • By Valerie Sarnataro, Editorial Assistant Coop Although XBRL looms as an SEC mandate, uptake is still slow for the XML-based language that handles business information. To spur more interest, the ...

  • Distinguishing application integration from SOA

    Brein Matturro - TechTarget 11 Jul 2011
  • Jack Vaughan, Editor   Sometimes it seems application integration and SOA are either mortal enemies or birds of a feather – there seldom seems to be much of a middle ground there. The dichotomy is ...

  • Rod Johnson: A complex view on OSGi

    Jack Vaughan - Senior News Writer 05 Jul 2011
  • Some controversies hang on forever. One such is the controversy around simplifying Java, which certainly goes back to the EJB 2.0 days –- and which is sometimes at the base of OSGi arguments today. ...

  • COBOL programmers now deploying Java apps

    James Denman 24 Jun 2011
  • COBOL developers and Java developers have long been at odds. Lately it seems like the Java folks are winning the fight. Many COBOL shops have given in and closed shop, or jumped fence into the Java ...

  • On Erl's growing body of SOA work

    Jack Vaughan - Senior News Writer 21 Jun 2011
  • As many SOA practitioners have discovered over the years, when team leaders and members are looking for a starting place, a refresher or a general reference on SOA, the library of Thomas Erl is a ...