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AmberPoint pursues subatomic BPM app managment

AmberPoint’s new product release helps determine which business processes are getting hung up, and also points to where within the process the problem lives. When AmberPoint is implemented, it maps out the entire deploy landscape of the system it is attached to. Users can then configure it to recognize what constitutes good or poor performance so it can warn them when there is a hiccup in the process flow.

“When you have all these individual pieces that are put together, often they have little monitors for each one but nothing is giving you the full worldview,” said Ed Horst, VP of product strategy at AmberPoint. “Customers can now see how different business processes are linked together.”

While monitoring various processes, AmberPoint analyzes both performance speed and failures. This can be useful when a process is functioning at optimal speeds but is returning data that causes some transaction to fail.

AmberPoint’s list of supported process managers includes Oracle BPEL Process Manager, Oracle WebLogic Integration, Microsoft BizTalk Server and TIBCO BusinessWorks.

The company has also worked to optimize its offering for Oracle systems. Horst said AmberPoint now provides deep visibility into BPEL process flows in Oracle BPEL Process Manager, including individual process flows and a wide variety of interactions – such as those with databases, files, manual workflows, JMS, EJB, e-mail and Web services.

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