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Importing data from QuickBooks to a Citrix server

I am trying to import data from QuickBooks which is located on one Citrix server to an application that is located...

on another Citrix server.

QuickBooks method of communicating with a remote application is the QBXML SDK. In order to communicate with applications on a different machine they have a Remote Data Server (SOAP Server) and a corresponding Remote Data Client (SOAP Client).

Their solution is inadequate because they only allow for communication between computers on a LAN.

Is there a way to connect to their Remote Data Server with the SOAPCLIENT in MS SOAP Toolkit? I have the WSDL file, but I don't have WSML file.

Since you have the WSDL file, I suggest you give it a try. You wouldn't need a WSML file unless the QuickBooks Remote Data Server was implemented using MS SOAP Toolkit. You may need to define your own client-side WSML file if you need to define type mappings, though. In any case, I can't guarantee that it will work without knowing more about the QuickBooks Remote Data Server, but a quick search using Google indicates that it is possible. Here's a reference to an open source PHP client that can access RDS: idnforums.intuit.com

This was last published in January 2005

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