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Examples of SOAP messages in ASP

I want an example of using SOAP message in ASP. Can you please help? I want to create a SOAP envelope.
Do you mean ASP or ASP.NET? Do you want to build a client or a server? And what programming language do you want to use?

If you mean ASP, then you have a choice of a few SOAP toolkits, including MS SOAP Toolkit and PocketSOAP/4s4c, among others. I recommend PocketSOAP/4s4c over MS SOAP (more features, better interoperability). PocketSOAP is the client environment. 4s4c is the server environment. You can find a lot of sample apps using PocketSOAP/4s4c here:

Here's a good example of how to build a Web Service in ASP using MS SOAP Toolkit: http://www.c-sharpcorner.com/SOAP/WSBNJNCT.asp

And here's the Microsoft documentation of how to build an ASP listener using MS SOAP Toolkit:

There are lots of Web resources to help you learn how to develop ASP.NET applications. Here are a few tutorials that I recommend:
This was last published in November 2003
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