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The governance of container and microservices

In container and microservices governance, the goal is to govern while utilizing the benefits of the cloud, virtualization and service-based apps. Expert Tom Nolle discusses how.


Detailing today's leading API management platforms

The API management platform market is becoming an increasingly crowded (and competitive) space. Use this product roundup to learn who the leading vendors are in the market today.


The leaders in today's API management platform market

API management platforms provide the tools and services needed to create and publish high-quality APIs. Learn which vendors offer today's leading API management software.

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Moving away from VM applications? Consider your options

As container deployment has become more efficient, users are looking to take their VM application to the container level. Expert Tom Nolle discusses how to make this transition.

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  • Legacy application modernization

    An inside look at the Red Hat open source strategy

    In this Q&A, Red Hat's Craig Muzilla explains the ideas behind the company's open source strategy, the value of the approach and what happened to virtual machines.

  • IoT and microservices

    Open source is about more than software

    According to advocates, open source software is just the first step in a larger movement -- one that aims to make open source an integral part of our daily lives.

  • Microservices and mobile development

    Note to programmers: Don't forget end-user empathy

    Open source development brings speed and creativity, but it can also fundamentally change how users employ tech. MIT's Open Agriculture Initiative illustrates this point.