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Why we need to think of APIs in terms of lifecycles

Many organizations are thinking about designing and deploying their own APIs, but the work can't stop there. Vanessa Ramos of Red Hat explains why API lifecycle management matters.


Developing microservices? Is your company really ready?

Developing microservices and building a microservice architecture? Get ready for immature tools and architectural models and new security risks. Then, get ready for the next wave.


What dev and ops each must do to secure app development

To secure application development, here's what DevOps teams must do to outplay today's hackers, whose tools and practices have grown very sophisticated.


Taking a look at today's API management services and strategies

API management services are experiencing a significant transformation due to vendor acquisitions and constant changes in strategy. Find out what this means for your enterprise.

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Microservices architecture Basics

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    OpenStack certification: Taking the COA exam

    Are you interested in achieving OpenStack certification? Not sure if it's worth it? Here we explore why it's worth considering taking the Certified OpenStack Administrator (COA) exam and what the ...

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    How to avoid middleware performance bottlenecks

    As the nature of software changes, how should organizations think about middleware? A Red Hat expert explains how to maintain performance and who should be in charge of middleware.

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    Moving away from VM applications? Consider your options

    As container deployment has become more efficient, users are looking to take their VM application to the container level. Expert Tom Nolle discusses how to make this transition.

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Blog: Microservices Matters

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  • Development implications of microservices architecture

    IBM's new DevOps tool enhances microservices development

    IBM has delivered a new tool, known as Microservice Builder, that helps simplify microservices development, including building, deploying and managing microservice applications.

  • Development implications of microservices architecture

    Microsoft Draft simplifies Kubernetes development

    Microsoft delivers Draft, a new tool that simplifies Kubernetes cluster management by easing the development and deployment of apps into Kubernetes clusters.

  • Microservices and mobile development

    IBM, Google and Lyft join to manage microservices

    IBM, Google and Lyft joined forces on Istio, an open source microservices platform that connects and manages networks of microservices, regardless of their source or vendor.